• Casual Friday
  • Style Inspiration: Dazed and Confused


    Outfit ideas can come from anywhere. For me, it often comes from familiar images — often it’s the movies I’ve seen a million times. (For example, I’ve memorized Rachel Green’s most notable outfits from Season 6 of Friends.) Today’s outfit is one I wore for Casual Friday last week. It’s also nearly identical to an outfit […]

  • Travel
  • Working Wardrobe: Packing for a Business Trip

    Camel Blazer:  Ann Demeulemeester | Top: Madewell | Skirt: Ann Taylor | Sandals: Pierre Hardy (Goop)

    The last two months, I have racked up thousands of travel miles jetting around the country — mostly for business. I’ve been traveling so frequently that when I return to my apartment, I don’t bother putting my suitcase away. (All the easier to pack for the next trip, which is usually just a couple days […]

  • What to Pack
  • What to Pack: Mexican Beach Vacation


    Five years ago, I was known as a somewhat legendary packer. Meaning I could somehow fit a two-week vacation into a carry-on bag — and I was endlessly smug about it. When other people’s luggage got lost by the airline, I marinated in my self-satisfaction, knowing that would never, EVER be me. Fast-forward half a decade, and […]

  • Catalog Police
  • Review: J.Crew’s July 2015 Style Guide


    J. Crew is in the middle of it’s spring sale bonanza, which means the fleet of catalogs it sent to customers this week was no coincidence or accident. Most of the pages are devoted to standard summer fare: generically ethnic woven sandals, bland tissue-thin tees, raffia baseball caps. Nothing great. Nothing too terrible, either. As always, […]

  • Travel
  • Travel Beauty Routine: Tatcha Review


    I try to keep my summer beauty routines as simple as possible: wash face, apply SPF, repeat. It’s no-nonsense and effective but ever-so-boring. Skincare can be tedious, even for the most devoted, and I enjoy test-driving new products to give a jolt to the old routine. Enter Tatcha, the geisha-themed beauty line. The company generously […]

  • Travel
  • Our Vacation in Isla Holbox


    It’s been a whirlwind few weeks. Two days ago, I got back from a 5-day vacation to Mexico and almost immediately hopped another flight to Chicago for work. Next week? I’m in San Diego — again, for work. (It’s safe to say I’ve memorized the seat-belt speech recited at the start of every flight.) Last […]

  • Weekend
  • How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway


    Lately, I’ve been spending weekends in New Jersey to visit my in-laws and bask in the opiate-like atmosphere of the suburbs. I always take the ferry to Jerz, which is basically an aquatic version of an over-crowded jitney. I dread toting a tote bag onboard, since I usually wind up having to jam up next […]

  • Fast Fashion
  • A Summer Sweater Dress


    Meteorologically speaking, it’s been a wacky spring/summer so far. One day it’s humid and raining; the next, it’s sunny and freezing. It can be difficult to dress for such disparate situations, but I’ve discovered one outfit that was able to bridge these extremes. Enter this Zara sweater dress. Because the dress is knitted, it’s cozy for cooler […]