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  • A Fur Jacket — in Spring?!


    It’s been weeks since my last post. Normally, I’d be panicking about the lack of productivity, but I’ve been traveling so much, it’s been hard to find the time for my usual meltdown. Since I last wrote, I’ve basically been stuck in an endless TSA line. First came a quick trip to Cincinnati (work), then to […]

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  • Travel Beauty Routine: Tatcha Review


    I try to keep my summer beauty routines as simple as possible: wash face, apply SPF, repeat. It’s no-nonsense and effective but ever-so-boring. Skincare can be tedious, even for the most devoted, and I enjoy test-driving new products to give a jolt to the old routine. Enter Tatcha, the geisha-themed beauty line. The company generously […]

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  • The Worst of the Met Ball


    I know I’m a few days late on this, but I needed a couple days to cleanse my palate after this year’s Met Ball. Over the past two decades, the Met Ball has transformed from an stodgy society dinner to an eye-popping, extravaganza crawling with international celebrities and global heavy-hitters. (It also raises a gazillion […]

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  • Catalog Police: Revolve Spring 2015


    The last time I reviewed a Revolve catalog, I brutally critiqued the brand for shooting their hyper-sexualized catalog using a high school as a backdrop. It was tasteless in a creepy, “barely legal” way. The company’s spring lookbook just dropped, and there’s some good news: The witty, prolific Twitter star, Chrissy Teigen, is the model! Unfortunately, the clothes […]

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  • Does Your Perfume Tell a Story?


    My first bottle of perfume was a bottle of Charlie purchased at Eckerd Pharmacy in 5th grade. It smelled wretched, like a mixture of mothballs and formaldehyde. But perfume was a passport to adulthood. And because I wanted nothing more than to be a grown-up, I dutifully splashed myself with the nose-crinkling concoction daily. I graduated […]