• Fast Fashion
  • Kohl’s Chic Checkmate: The MILLY Collection


    In the year I’ve been blogging, I’ve written about plenty of collaborations between mass market merchants and high-end designers, from Target and Altuzarra to Madewell and Sézane. But there are so many collaborations competing for our attention and dollars, I can’t help but be cynical whenever a new one is announced. I was most recently dispirited […]

  • Work
  • My Homage to Sweet Briar Style


    Last week, the New York Times ran a story about Sweet Briar, a small women’s college in Virginia that will close its doors after a final graduation ceremony this year. I read the story with a higher degree of interest than usual because my great aunt went to Sweet Briar, back when debutante-white gloves were […]

  • Apartment Design
  • How We Transformed Our Kitchen for $200


    I always think it is interesting to contrast how one dresses with how they decorate their homes. In many instances, there is a stark difference — a minimalist may be secret hoarder and a prepster may eschew a nautical motif to indulge her secret yen for Japanese zen. My apartment is more crammed than my personal style may indicate.  […]

  • Work
  • Harem Pants Obsession: The Sequel


    At this point, I think it’s fair to say I have a healthy obsession with harem pants. This is despite the fact that I constantly complain that the style has an uncanny ability to distort your lower body into a pool of flapping fabric. But those reservations never seem to stop me from wearing my harem pants to death […]

  • Shopping Secrets
  • The Bag That Fits Everything… Seriously


    Some people geek out at the idea of meeting a celebrity. For me, there’s no one more awe-inspiring than an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs put their blood, sweat, tears and often, their savings into their dreams. It takes nerves of steel to take the plunge — especially in fashion, where consumer tastes are famously fickle. I had […]

  • Consignment
  • Shhh: How to Get the Prada Discount


    Whenever I tell acquaintances that more than 50% of my wardrobe is secondhand, I get a LOT of crinkled noses and gyrating, quizzical eyebrows. “Ew,” these naysayers murmur. “Don’t those clothes smell?” I am delighted whenever I hear this type of nonsense. The more people who are grossed out by consignment shopping = the more […]

  • Consignment
  • How I Faked a Jumpsuit


    I’m really conflicted about jumpsuits. One the one hand, I love me a good onesie. On the other, I abhor any site of clothing that is intrinsically non-ergonomic. On a purely aesthetic level, jumpsuits are speaking to my inner eye — an undulating wave of 1970s sophistication. But this is one instance where form triumph over […]

  • Catalog Police
  • Nordstrom’s Latest Catalog is Hit-Or-Miss

    Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.09.16 PM

    It’s TGIF time, which means it’s time for another installation of Catalog Police, my weekly review of mail-order catalogs. This week, I’m looking at Nordstrom’s Spring 2015 lookbook, which I must admit — I do not normally receive. (Probably because the only time I ever go to Nordstrom is when I’m visiting Miami or Chicago. Seriously, […]

  • Cooking & Entertaining
  • Edible Style: The Liquid Lunch


    Within the past few years, my diet has changed drastically. My weekly menu is 90% vegetarian, 10% Chipotle steak-bean bowls (no rice, duh). If I had known this five years ago, I would have been horrified and promptly muffled my sorrow in a Wendy’s bacon cheeseburger. It’s hard to pinpoint the defining moment that prompted […]