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  • You Can’t Go Wrong with This Outfit

    redblouse1 copy

    No one can be a sartorial genius every day. (Except for Olivia Palermo. Seriously, her wardrobe is insane.) But I think I’ve discovered the perfect clothes to wear when you don’t know what to wear. I know this isn’t necessarily the most exciting outfit, but the combination is the under-stated power suit of women everywhere. The ultimate […]

  • Casual Friday
  • Dressing Up The T-Shirt


    Everyone has their favorite item of clothing. For some, it’s dresses. For most, it’s probably jeans — or nowadays, workout leggings. But for me, it’s the T-shirt. (This was not always the case — I had a string of terrible T-shirt purchases, which I detailed here.) Think about it. Specifically, think about all the ways […]

  • Retail Round-Up
  • Retail Round-Up: Fashion News of the Week

    Welcome to my new series, Retail Round-Up, where I’m sharing my favorite fashion/retail-focused news, products and interviews of the week. Here’s what I’m loving this week: 1. Goop’s Global Domination: I unabashedly love all things Gwyneth Paltrow (or GP, as she is affectionately known to her minions like me). This Racked article is a rare look at the business […]

  • Casual Friday
  • Current Craze: The Drawstring Pant


    I tend to have an obsessive attraction to certain clothing items. If a particular item is comfortable, affordable AND available in multiple colors,  it’s a bonafide hit for my closet. This summer, we have a new winner: the drawstring pant. It al started with this straw-colored pair from Maje, which were on sale earlier this […]

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  • Just Black & White


    I’ve been talking a lot about the benefits of summer minimalism. (I talked about it LAST summer, too.) I think this outfit may be my favorite version of this pragmatism. It’s feminine and fashionable without sacrificing any comfort or practicality in this sweltering heat. First, let’s talk about the pieces’ origin stories: The silk tank […]

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  • Secret to Finding a Perfect Winter Coat: Make One


    Last year, I wrote about the pain of finding a winter coat. The 2015 coat shipments are already trickling into department stores, and once again, I am shocked at the prices. (The Proenza Schouler camel version I’m eying is $1,600, which makes me physically ill.) But here’s a different approach from my fabulous friend Andrea Billups, […]

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  • Zara’s Latest Lookbook is a 90s Bonanza


    Zara has really upped its fashion game lately. (The New York Times recently mused that Zara pieces can often pass for pricier lines like Celine — aka Zeline.) The clothes are purposefully minimalist, moody and somewhat anonymous, unlike the offerings at other fast-fashion retailers. Lately, I can’t walk in without experiencing the Target phenomenon (in […]

  • Retail Round-Up
  • Retail Round-Up, Vol. 1


    Today, I’m debuting a new series called the Retail Round-Up, wherein I’ll be sharing my favorite fashion/retail-focused news, products and interviews of the week. 1. Follow The Thread: Last week, I debuted the first three episodes of Follow The Thread, a podcast I co-host with my fashion-fluent friends Rachel D. and Amanda. Our latest episode is […]

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  • The Summer Minimalist


    This post celebrates my favorite part of summer clothes: the minimalist dress. To go along with that minimal theme, I’ll be keeping the over-thinking to a minimum for this post. (Just kidding — you guys know I can’t stop talking.) This dress is probably my favorite design from the brand Meg. (Here is another dress I […]