Gray Skies, Blue Clothes


I tend to over-think almost everything (from what movie I’m going to watch on Netflix to what I wish I had studied in undergraduate school). My shopping decisions are no different, and I imbue my wardrobe with a lot of meaning — maybe TOO much.

That said, this recent outfit was a bit of an accident, and I’m happy to say I didn’t plan it at all. It all started when storm clouds threatened to ruin a perfectly lovely weekend.

Rain Coat: Trademark
Linen Trousers: Isabel Marant Etoile (Nordstrom) | Sandals: Marni (Nordstrom) | Rain Coat: Trademark

I am, of course, referencing the fact that the raincoat and the pants perfectly match. I’m not really into matchy-matchy clothes — but this is such a kooky azure/purple color, it just seems to work.

The raincoat was found during a flash sale at Trademark, and the material has a truly hypnotic quality. (It’s as shiny as a garbage bag, but with a luxuriously plush texture.)

But the basis of the outfit was fairly simple: just a silk tank and the linen pants:

Tank Top: AYR | Lipstick: Nars (Manhunter)
Tank Top: AYR | Lipstick: Nars (Manhunter) | Necklaces: Gorjana; Catbird

The silk AYR tank is a classic piece I wear constantly. Because of its sleek, minimal shape (the spaghetti straps and deep neckline), it can appear to look more like a negligee than a top. So it’s important to pair the top with really casual clothes to downplay the inherent sexiness. In this instance, I chose a pair of fairly new linen drawstring pants by Isabel Marant. The baggy shape and nonchalant wrinkles undercut the camisole and add a layer of insouciance I just adore.

But the outfit would still be a little plain without a great shoe.

Calf-Hair Sandals: Marni
Calf-Hair Sandals: Marni

I selected calf-hair sandals covered in enormous crystals, which were on sale at Nordstrom. (They are still full-price everywhere else, making me wonder if the sale sticker was a mistake. Their loss is my gain!)

And to top everything off, I layered two of my favorite necklaces, just for a little extra visual interest. (It also is nice symmetry that the gem is a moonstone, which perfectly  pairs with the celestial star charms.)

Star Necklace: Gorjana | Monstone Necklace: Catbird
Star Necklace: Gorjana | Monstone Necklace: Catbird