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  • Say Yes to the Dress: What I Wish I Knew

    Photo by Ricky Stern

    As I mentioned earlier this week, my episode of Say Yes to the Dress airs on TLC tonight at 9 p.m. ET. I filmed the episode more than 16 months ago, so it feels surreal to know it’s finally hitting airwaves. Now that my cable debut is nearing, I’ve been wracking my brain, trying to remember if […]

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  • That Time I Was on Say Yes to the Dress

    My mom, my sister and me at Kleinfeld last July.

    When I got engaged last year, I was most excited about buying a wedding dress. (Don’t act too surprised.) To prep for the dress search, my mom and sister insisted I start watching Say Yes to the Dress, which I had never watched in my life. The show is a parade of weeping women wearing […]

  • Shopping Secrets
  • The Truth About Online Shopping


    I don’t shop a lot online. I tend to make purchases the old fashioned way — in person, with a dressing room and instant gratification. Of course, online shopping has its perks, with convenience being king. But more often than not, I usually skip online shopping in lieu of actually trying everything on personally. Now I remember […]

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  • Clothes Swap Swag


    A few weeks ago, I discovered the best shopping experience in New York City. You can’t find it on Yelp. There is no phone number. There’s just an e-mail chain, an address and an appointed time to meet. If you compared it to the bar scene, it’d be a speakeasy. And the best part? Everything in […]

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  • Catalog Police: Revolve Holiday Lookbook 2014

    Josephine Skriver for REVOLVE 2014 Holiday "The Glam Life"

    Happy Friday! Welcome back to Catalog Police, my weekly critique of mail-order catalogs — the bad, the worse and the OH NO THEY DIDN’T. Today, we’re focused on Revolve, which just released its holiday lookbook. As I’ve come to expect from Revolve, the theme for this holiday is: wear as little as possible! The dresses were […]

  • Shopping Secrets
  • What to Wear at the Dior Offices


    When you feel polished and put together, you always step up your game in the office. Meet Natalie Suarez Cahill, a woman whose sleek style speaks volumes about her professional drive. Currently a Fragrance Marketing Manager for Dior in New York City, Natalie’s resume in beauty and fashion includes many of the blue-chip heavy-hitters, from Calvin Klein to Chanel. […]

  • Fast Fashion
  • It’s a Mod World


    Every year, there are a million new trends to choose from. I use the term “new” loosely, because most retailers seem to randomly choose some bygone decade, recycle a couple old trends and slap on a higher price tag (adjusted for inflation, duh). This season, it’s all about the 60s — specifically the “mod” trend. Designer […]

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  • Justifying a Winter Cape


    If you’re skeptical about the recent resurgence of capes, I hear you. I also had misgivings. “Capes are for wizards and delicate women who don’t worry about the cold — their chauffeurs keep them ensconced in a Towncar bubble,” I thought. The whole look seemed too posh, too impractical. That didn’t stop me from trying […]

  • Can I Pull This Off?
  • Can I Pull This Off? Clashing Patterns


    There are very few sartorial geniuses out there, and I won’t ever claim to be in that echelon. (That revered space belongs to the Karls and Annas of the world.) But I have a good way to fake it till I make it: Scouring for inspiration outside a Pinterest board and trying EVERYTHING, especially the strange and […]

  • Catalog Police
  • Catalog Police: Anthropologie November 2014 Edition


    Happy Friday! Today’s Catalog Police focuses on Anthropologie’s latest catalog, which is a mixed bag of mid-market bohemia and inappropriate hiking outfits. Confused? Me too! Let’s dig in. If you’re stumped on a holiday gift for the Oliver Twist in your life, fear not! I’m sure these $158 patchwork jeans will be on clearance in no […]