• Fashion Critique
  • DKNY Minus DK = A Totally New Label


    When Donna Karan announced she would be departing her eponymous label, the news sent shockwaves through the nostalgic fashion set. Donna had been an industry standard-bearer for decades. She heroically took over design duties for Anne Klein label after the founder’s death. And when Donna was later unceremoniously dumped by the brass at Klein, she sprang from the […]

  • Party
  • A Wedding Where East Meets West in the Southwest


    A few days ago, I shared some images from my friends’ Tanya and Brian’s wedding weekend — specifically the mehndi, which serves as a traditional pre-party in South Asia. (You can revisit that post here.) Now, we move into the main part of the show — the ceremony and reception, which were both awash in […]

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  • Pakistan Meets Buffalo… in Texas


    I recently traveled to Houston for the wedding of Tanya, a dear friend I met in one of those unique, circuitous ways. In this case, Tanya grew up in Houston, where she was friends with Deepa — who happens to be my husband’s cousin. Thanks to NYC’s gravitational pull, we all wound up on this bizarre […]