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  • A Tale of Two Frenchies (aka Uniqlo x Ines and Carine)


    Y’all know I love collabos between designers and fast fashion giants. But lately, I’ve been loving the collaborations that are “inspired” rather than “designed” by celebrity muses. Case in point? Uniqlo’s recent forays with two legendary doyennes of French fashion: Inès de La Fressange and Carine Roitfeld. Both women have legendary pedigrees. La Fressange was a […]

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  • Tory Burch’s Snooze-Worthy Gym Line


    As this post publishes, I am either en route or just landing in Mumbai for a 3-week trip across India. I’ll be blogging and Instagramming from the road (follow along at #TSPofIndia). But first, I have one more non-India-related post in the queue. Today, we’ll be addressing the category of clothes I can’t seem to shut up […]

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  • What You Shouldn’t Buy on Black Friday

    coach mittens

    It’s Black Friday, and as always, there’s a culture war afoot. There’s an inherent tension between those who love to shop on Black Friday (and Thanksgiving night) and those who loathe the materialistic mobs. There are moral questions about the implications of Black Friday on retail workers, as well as philosophical questions about whether we, as […]

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  • Five Outfits to Ruin the Holidays


    The holidays are always a contentious time of year. Pressure to buy useless items reaches a boiling point. Airfare is astronomically high. Morale, bank balances and tolerance for red Starbucks cups are at an all-time low. (No seriously, I have no clue what that Starbucks thing is even about.) Let’s lighten the mood. I took […]

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  • 5 Bizarre Halloween Costume Ideas from Wildfox


    The moment we step foot into October, a sense of panic overcomes me. Halloween is coming, and once again, I have no Halloween costume. Coming up with a creative costume — without buying it straight off the shelf — can be time-consuming and overwhelming. (Especially when you’re going to an NYC Halloween party — those […]

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  • The 5 Most “Meh” Outfits of NYFW

    Normally, this type of post would have been a Catalog Police feature, but it’s been a crazy few weeks. But no excuses! Let’s just dial back the clock and pretend it’s the good old days — specifically, let’s pretend it’s last week, and that New York Fashion Week has just ended. Here are 5 outfits from […]

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  • Let’s Take a Look at Old Navy’s Lookbook

    I’m usually pretty brutal on Catalog Police, my weekly critique of retailers’ lookbooks and catalogs. (Did you see the scathing review I wrote about Shop Jeen last week?) But I don’t always think everything is terrible. (I swear!) Sometimes, the things I like come from the most unexpected places — like the Fall 2015 Old Navy […]

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  • The 5 Worst Things at Shop Jeen

    gross tank

    Earlier this month, New York Magazine published a profile on Erin Yogasundram, the founder of Shop-Jeen. I had never heard of Shop Jeen — probably because I’m about 15 years too old to wear any of the merchandise — but the article was an absolute must-read. Shop-Jeen is a sartorial insane asylum, created from the loins of Sophia Amorouso […]

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  • Free People’s Latest Catalog is Cray


    I love Free People so much. Their wackadoodle lookbooks are gifts that keep on giving. In this installment of Catalog Police, I’ll be critiquing some of the crazier items they’re peddling. Oh, Free People. Never change! First things first: It’s almost 90 degrees outside. Maybe take a layer off for the AUGUST catalog? Second, this is a […]

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  • Review: Anthro’s August Catalog

    tshirt dress

    Welcome back to Catalog Police, my almost-weekly critique of mail-order catalogs and the horrors they contain. This week, we’ll be looking at Anthropologie’s latest catalog, which is awash in a frothy sea of unflattering dresses and wacky outerwear. Let’s take a look. Anthro runs into trouble whenever it tried to reinterpret the classics. An anorak is […]