• Weekend
  • A Suggestive Blazer


    In my opinion, clothes can be like art. As any casual viewer of Project Runway can attest, clothing creators are certainly artists, and often tortured at that. And just like a painting, clothing can be loaded with symbolism. Let’s take my jacket for example. Note the ruching and puffy ruffles running down either side of the tweed blazer. I believe […]

  • Weekend
  • Talk to the Hand


    When I was in Morocco on my honeymoon last year, I was struck by the country’s beautiful sense of design, especially with interiors. The place was a riot of color and ancient-feeling artifacts. Battered wooden shudders were painted bright turquoise. Bountiful potted plants spilled from cracked ceramic pots. And entire walls were covered in silver […]

  • Fitness
  • These Leggings are Ohm-azing


    If you were to peer into my closet, it would look fairly monochromatic. Navy. Black. White. Gray.  Maybe some oxblood. You know the drill — it’s the usual color palette for a New Yorker. But every once in a while, it’s refreshing to throw neutrals to the wind and wear an outfit that’s a little […]

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  • Deliver Me From L.L. Bean


    Before I dive into today’s post, let’s take a pause to send each other mental high-fives. There’s a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving — something that can be hard to focus on when we see another tragic news story or hear about the ill health of a loved one. Nobody’s life is perfect, but it’s […]

  • Travel
  • When Moths Eat Your Sweaters


    Over the weekend, I went to Massachusetts to visit family. And although I felt like my packing was minimal, I wound up bringing a full suitcase and a weekender bag. (I still don’t understand how this happens.) Because the weekend was mostly comprised of yoga and relaxing (with a little sprinkling of shopping), I brought my […]

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  • Camouflage in the City

    Yes this Sundry shirt came WITH the holes.

    I know many fashion bloggers (and civilians alike) love dressing for fall. I can almost here the refrain now: “Layers! Boots! Pumpkin-spiced beverages!” But as soon as that first drafty day strikes, it’s an omen that my sartorial sense will feel like it’s on the decline. As a Miamian, I’m still not quite used to […]

  • Weekend
  • My Shirt Says: “Eat My Shorts.”

    Simpsons Shirt: Flea Market Find (Camden Market in London) | Leggings: American Eagle | Shoes: Nike | Gray T-Shirt: Brandy Melville | Handbag: Prada (Consignment)

    This past weekend was the coolest weekend in recent memory. Where did the time go? Whenever we slide away from summer, the natural tendency is to gravitate toward more formal clothes — more layers, more details, more structure. But the name of the game is denial, and I’m not ready to go forward with a full fall […]

  • Weekend
  • Vest, Choker and Visible Roots


    Whenever it’s the end of the summer, I feel like I’m running out of clothes. I know for a fact that my clothing supply hasn’t shrunk, so I’m convinced this sensation is a bizarre psychosomatic side-effect of the imminent end of the season. The reality is, I haven’t been repeating whole outfits — just re-circulating the same […]

  • Casual Friday
  • Dressing Up The T-Shirt


    Everyone has their favorite item of clothing. For some, it’s dresses. For most, it’s probably jeans — or nowadays, workout leggings. But for me, it’s the T-shirt. (This was not always the case — I had a string of terrible T-shirt purchases, which I detailed here.) Think about it. Specifically, think about all the ways […]