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  • I Climbed 60 Flights of Stone Stairs in… This?


    India is a fascinating country of contrasts. There’s a constant pull between the tradition and modernity, as exemplified by a comparison of New Delhi vs. Old Delhi. The strata of privilege is on full display. When we visited South Mumbai (which many locals still call Bombay), luxury hotels are sandwiched between scenes of extreme poverty. Serenity is squished next to […]

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  • The Mumbai Beach Scene


    Whenever I travel internationally, I love to shop for clothes that are authentic without veering into costume territory. In Paris, I bought a St. James striped T-shirt. In Morocco, I bought a djellaba, which I later shortened into a little dress. Now that I’m in India, my shopping list is pretty straightforward: Tunics, tunics and more […]

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  • East Meets West on the 36th Floor


    As I type this, my packed bags are at my feet, as we get ready to head to New Dehli. (This time tomorrow, I’ll be driving to the Taj Mahal in Agra! Cue the goosebumps!) Here in Mumbai, we have seen some wonderful sights, like the Elephanta Caves, where we climbed 60 flights of stone stairs to […]

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  • Greetings from Mumbai


    The packing process for my 3-week trip to India was intense. It started several weeks ago, when I moved all my winter clothes into my closet and packed away my summer and spring clothes. This proved to be a nice head start for this task. I diverted summer tunics and drawstring linen pants — clothes that otherwise would […]

  • Catalog Police
  • Tory Burch’s Snooze-Worthy Gym Line


    As this post publishes, I am either en route or just landing in Mumbai for a 3-week trip across India. I’ll be blogging and Instagramming from the road (follow along at #TSPofIndia). But first, I have one more non-India-related post in the queue. Today, we’ll be addressing the category of clothes I can’t seem to shut up […]

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  • So, I’m Going to India


    This year, I’m spending the holidays halfway around the world — specifically, I’ll be trekking to Mumbai, Dehli, Agra and Bangalore. The word “excited” seems trite when compared with my true emotions as I prepare for the trip. I’ll be traveling with my husband and in-laws, and I feel so incredibly lucky (and yes, #blessed) […]

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  • A Peek at NYC’s Holiday Windows


    After several days of 60-degree weather, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Spring Break around here. I’m not complaining by any means — but it can be hard to remember that it’s the holidays when your cab driver is complaining he needs to run the air conditioner. To get myself in the holiday spirit, […]

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  • I Visited Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Pop-Up

    I have talked a lot about Goop on this blog. I think my fascination with Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle empire is because the entire company is built on the alchemy of personality. Goop isn’t so much a company as much as an aesthetic: The business plan may as well be an appreciation for cashmere sweaters and the rustic simplicity of turnips […]

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  • Talk to the Hand


    When I was in Morocco on my honeymoon last year, I was struck by the country’s beautiful sense of design, especially with interiors. The place was a riot of color and ancient-feeling artifacts. Battered wooden shudders were painted bright turquoise. Bountiful potted plants spilled from cracked ceramic pots. And entire walls were covered in silver […]

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  • These Leggings are Ohm-azing


    If you were to peer into my closet, it would look fairly monochromatic. Navy. Black. White. Gray.  Maybe some oxblood. You know the drill — it’s the usual color palette for a New Yorker. But every once in a while, it’s refreshing to throw neutrals to the wind and wear an outfit that’s a little […]