• Fashion Critique
  • Stamp Your Passport at the Museum at FIT


    Nothing in life is free, especially when you live in New York City. So imagine my delight when I discovered the Museum at FIT. Not only is this museum completely and totally focused on fashion — it’s also free. The current exhibition, Global Fashion Capitals, focuses the globalization of design. No longer is the world’s aesthetic […]

  • Fashion Critique
  • VMA Fashion Has Jumped All the Sharks


    Believe it or not, 10 years ago I was in Miami to cover the VMA after-parties and gifting suites. It was a whole different world back then. Jessica Simpson was still with Nick Lachey. (I know.) Dave Navarro was still with Carmen Electra. (Yes, I barely remember that, too.) Gwen was still with Gavin. (Sniff.) […]

  • Catalog Police
  • Let’s Take a Look at Old Navy’s Lookbook

    I’m usually pretty brutal on Catalog Police, my weekly critique of retailers’ lookbooks and catalogs. (Did you see the scathing review I wrote about Shop Jeen last week?) But I don’t always think everything is terrible. (I swear!) Sometimes, the things I like come from the most unexpected places — like the Fall 2015 Old Navy […]

  • Retail Round-Up
  • Retail Round-Up: Belk’s Sale & Polo Shirt Heroes


    Welcome back to the Retail Round-Up, my weekly take on the best retail and fashion news. This week, we’re exploring the impact of a department store acquisition on its small-town customers, evolving design school curriculums and the three most most famous pairs of khakis in the world. Fashion Students Say They Need More Business Training: The Business […]

  • Shopping Secrets
  • Shapewear You Don’t Need to Hide


    Often, the most important and utilized pieces of our wardrobe are the humblest and least celebrated. (When was the last time you heard someone rave about the perfect gym sock, no matter how comfortable?) For me, the unsung clothes I wear most often are bicycle shorts and shapewear — and my affection for both tends to […]

  • Trends
  • Three Trends I Love for Fall


    The moment spring breaks the 60-degree barrier, I giddily decree that I will never wear another jacket, coat or closed-toe shoe again. Then summer begins its scorching dance, and cold weather can’t return fast enough. It’s approximately 5 million degrees outside, and I found myself daydreaming about wearing a sweater during a 30-block walk yesterday […]

  • Catalog Police
  • The 5 Worst Things at Shop Jeen

    gross tank

    Earlier this month, New York Magazine published a profile on Erin Yogasundram, the founder of Shop-Jeen. I had never heard of Shop Jeen — probably because I’m about 15 years too old to wear any of the merchandise — but the article was an absolute must-read. Shop-Jeen is a sartorial insane asylum, created from the loins of Sophia Amorouso […]

  • Cooking & Entertaining
  • The Pragmatist Cooks: Squash Blossom Soup


    You guys know I love cooking with flowers. (See my last foray into floral cuisine here.) So when I visited the Union Square farmers markets last weekend, I was delighted when I saw hundreds of squash blossoms for sale. These delicate flowers are scrumptious and scarce, thanks to the blink-and-you-miss-it late-summer season. Typically, the blossoms are stuffed […]

  • Party
  • “Theme” Parties: How Far Is Too Far?


    Sometimes, it can be exhausting to be a New Yorker. The crushing crowds ruin everything that is otherwise nice, from Christmas lights to brunch. So whenever I agree to attend a popular, public event (like the Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governors Island), I have to mentally prepare myself for pushing, shoving and general malaise. (I’m […]

  • Party
  • The Fashion of the Jazz Age Lawn Party


    Over the weekend, I attended the Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governors Island. It was a mega trip back in time, with the island transformed into a multi-stage extravaganza with 1920s-era music that reminded me of the last two minutes of The Shining. I knew it was a themed event, but because this was my first time, I did […]