• Casual Friday
  • Dressing Up The T-Shirt


    Everyone has their favorite item of clothing. For some, it’s dresses. For most, it’s probably jeans — or nowadays, workout leggings. But for me, it’s the T-shirt. (This was not always the case — I had a string of terrible T-shirt purchases, which I detailed here.) Think about it. Specifically, think about all the ways […]

  • Casual Friday
  • Current Craze: The Drawstring Pant


    I tend to have an obsessive attraction to certain clothing items. If a particular item is comfortable, affordable AND available in multiple colors,  it’s a bonafide hit for my closet. This summer, we have a new winner: the drawstring pant. It al started with this straw-colored pair from Maje, which were on sale earlier this […]

  • Casual Friday
  • Style Inspiration: Dazed and Confused


    Outfit ideas can come from anywhere. For me, it often comes from familiar images — often it’s the movies I’ve seen a million times. (For example, I’ve memorized Rachel Green’s most notable outfits from Season 6 of Friends.) Today’s outfit is one I wore for Casual Friday last week. It’s also nearly identical to an outfit […]

  • Casual Friday
  • Weekend Warrior Pose


    No matter the season, you can always find me in white jeans. (Here’s how I wore them in winter.) They’re crisp, they’re easy and they’re sophisticated. White jeans also go with every color in the universe — although I am partial to gray as a personal favorite. Here’s how I wore gray and white recently: You’ve […]

  • Casual Friday
  • This Spring, Ditch the Collar


    Blazers are obviously an everyday part of the office uniform, but I’ve been trying them for loads of more casual looks, particularly now that the weather is still trying to make up its mind. Lately, I’ve been focusing on the collarless jackets in my closet, which seem less starchy and formal than the lapel-licious versions. In […]