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  • My Visit to the Isaac Mizrahi Exhibit


    One of my all-time, top-5 favorite movies is Unzipped, the 1995 documentary about Isaac Mizrahi’s Fall 1994 collection. The film, shot almost entirely in grainy black and white, is a must-see for anyone curious about the inner-workings of a creative genius. The movie opens with Mizrahi reading the abysmal reviews of his previous collection: “His […]

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  • Robots Take Over The 2016 Met Ball


    Before we talk about the fashion at last night’s Met Gala, let’s first consider the theme: Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. I’ll admit, I emitted a rather large groan when I heard “technology.” I envisioned a parade of cliche gowns threaded with LED lights or harnessed with body cameras. I wondered […]

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  • When a Brand Fails, You Still Win


    Fashion is a tough business, especially for designers who skew closer to the creative side of the “artist vs. entrepreneur” spectrum. The overhead for well-made, ethically created clothing is insanely high. Getting media attention in a crowded and decentralized media marketplace is tough. Nabbing a celebrity following takes deep pockets, a PR team and/or a lot of […]

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  • DKNY Minus DK = A Totally New Label


    When Donna Karan announced she would be departing her eponymous label, the news sent shockwaves through the nostalgic fashion set. Donna had been an industry standard-bearer for decades. She heroically took over design duties for Anne Klein label after the founder’s death. And when Donna was later unceremoniously dumped by the brass at Klein, she sprang from the […]

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  • Unsolicited Opinions on the Oscar Red Carpet


    Once the red carpet parade has concluded, I normally don’t bother watching the entire Oscars telecast. Not so this year. I stay tuned in for the whole broadcast, which included much-needed commentary on diversity, politics and Girl Scout cookies. I think we learned a lot last night. About the implications of the Oscar boycott. That the […]

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  • The Grammys: More Thighs Than a Bucket of KFC

    Taylor Swift

    Ahhh, the Grammys. Otherwise known as my annual marathon of yelling, “I don’t know who half these people are!” That sentiment certainly rang true last night — I only recognized about 60% of the statue recipients. Even so, I had plenty of opinions on the contents of the red carpet. Let’s take a look at those who […]

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  • A Sloth Never Looked So Cute


    By now, every Internet user has seen the sloth who went viral earlier this week? For those with dial-up, here’s the 411: A terror-stricken sloth somehow wound up on the side of a busy highway in Ecuador. It was rescued by a traffic cop, and the cuteness led millions of people to sign in union: “I. […]

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  • Target’s Latest Collaboration looks AMAZING

    Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.27.48 PM

    Hi guys, today I’m taking a quick break from all the India coverage to talk about a Target collaboration I’m incredibly excited about. This time, the collection’s co-creators are Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power, the editors behind the fashion blog Who What Wear. (Check out Target’s announcement here.) Now, I’ve written a LOT about Target […]

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  • A Peek at NYC’s Holiday Windows


    After several days of 60-degree weather, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Spring Break around here. I’m not complaining by any means — but it can be hard to remember that it’s the holidays when your cab driver is complaining he needs to run the air conditioner. To get myself in the holiday spirit, […]