• Consignment
  • When the Buyer Becomes the Seller


    It’s no surprise that I’m a consignment lover. It’s a tactile shopper’s dream — every excursion is a voyage into the unknown, and no two stores or items are ever alike. Not only are you practicing greener, more sustainable shopping, but you are cobbling together a new sartorial biography built on the history of others.’ Hunting the racks at […]

  • Consignment
  • You Won’t Believe the Price for These Alaïa Boots


    Every so often, I’ll start digging on a designer and go on a tear looking for vintage and consignment pieces. Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for pieces from Tuleh (I wrote about the now-defunct label last week) and Celine from the Michael Kors era. But I’m always stalking the holy grail — affordable Alaïa. It’s […]

  • Fashion Critique
  • When a Brand Fails, You Still Win


    Fashion is a tough business, especially for designers who skew closer to the creative side of the “artist vs. entrepreneur” spectrum. The overhead for well-made, ethically created clothing is insanely high. Getting media attention in a crowded and decentralized media marketplace is tough. Nabbing a celebrity following takes deep pockets, a PR team and/or a lot of […]