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  • A Fur Jacket — in Spring?!


    It’s been weeks since my last post. Normally, I’d be panicking about the lack of productivity, but I’ve been traveling so much, it’s been hard to find the time for my usual meltdown. Since I last wrote, I’ve basically been stuck in an endless TSA line. First came a quick trip to Cincinnati (work), then to […]

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  • What I Wore to Meet God


    This trip to India has been in the works for years. The logistics were no joke, thanks to all the boxes we needed to tick: Family members (spread across the country), tourist attractions, even business meetings that needed to be conducted. But there was one priority that rose above them all: Visiting the Tirupathi temple […]

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  • Atop the Astronomy Tower


    When I visited Dehli, one of my favorite sights was Jantar Mantar, a series of sundials and astronomical instruments nestled in the middle of the bustling new section of the city. The brainchild of Maharaja Jai Singh II, this assortment of staircases and towers was completed in 1724. Each structure has a distinct purpose: to tell time, to align […]

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  • A New Year in Bangalore


    New Year’s Eve can be such a crapshoot holiday, especially when you’re in a strange town. I’m no stranger to traveling over New Year’s — usually in Miami — but this was my first time celebrating in an entirely different continent. In Bangalore, I anticipated a quiet countdown thanks to two factors: I don’t know the […]

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  • When Your Vacation Pants Start Getting Tight


    It should comes as no surprise that the food in India is banana-cakes good. (The bananas are, by the way, amazing.) But I should note that Indian food is completely antithetical to the modern American food neuroses. Consider the dietary refrain we’ve heard for the past couple of decades: “NO CARBS!” Well, in India, carbs are everything. Literally. […]

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  • What Do You Wear to the Most Epic Monument?


    I don’t go to many formal occasions that require black tie. And when I travel for leisure, I never pack formalwear unless I’m going to a wedding (which wouldn’t actually BE a trip for leisure, but I digress). But on this trip, I knew I’d be seeing the Taj Mahal, one of the most magnificent […]

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  • I Climbed 60 Flights of Stone Stairs in… This?


    India is a fascinating country of contrasts. There’s a constant pull between the tradition and modernity, as exemplified by a comparison of New Delhi vs. Old Delhi. The strata of privilege is on full display. When we visited South Mumbai (which many locals still call Bombay), luxury hotels are sandwiched between scenes of extreme poverty. Serenity is squished next to […]