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  • Three Trends I Love for Fall


    The moment spring breaks the 60-degree barrier, I giddily decree that I will never wear another jacket, coat or closed-toe shoe again. Then summer begins its scorching dance, and cold weather can’t return fast enough. It’s approximately 5 million degrees outside, and I found myself daydreaming about wearing a sweater during a 30-block walk yesterday […]

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  • The Verdict on White Shoes


    White shoes have always been difficult to pull off. For one, they get filthy, fast. Secondly, white shoes have the unfortunate tendency to look a teensy bit trashy. I don’t know why, but wearing white shoes, particularly pumps, is the equivalent of serving deviled eggs at a black-tie wedding. Then again, I’ve never been one […]

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  • Denim Flares Are Back


    Anyone here remember 1996? We were still sleeping off the Clueless hangover, Wet Seal was the arbiter of all things cool and Blue Asphalt flares were THE cool-girl currency. I went to a private school, but you better believe I busted out my prized flares on every single dress-down day. If you need more proof that the […]

  • Consignment
  • The 1970s Fringe Revival


    If you’ve picked up a fashion magazine in the last two months, you’ve read that the 70s are back. It’s one of those blanket statements you hear from trend forecasters every two or three years — a cycle of yawning predictability. But this year’s 70s revival has a certain kitsch flavor, complete with macrame bustiers, button-fly denim skirts […]

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  • My Version of the Blanket Scarf Trend


    Last weekend, between the bursts of rain, there was a miraculous afternoon of 50-degree weather. I flung off my usual coat-scarf-hat trio and walked to MoMA to check out the Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs exhibit with my husband. For this particular MoMA visit, I chose the same blanket-scarf I wore for my Frida Kahlo Halloween costume. (The other […]

  • Alterations
  • The Sack Dress: A No-Sew Solution


    Nowadays, over-sized EVERYTHING is the biggest trend out there. (The obvious pun? Intended.) The options range from enormous overcoats to baggy blazers and scarves that could swaddle an elephant. This trend can be tricky. Frankly, I’m wary of the whole thing. There may be many women who are supernaturally blessed with the figures that look fantastic in enormous sacks of fabric. […]

  • Fast Fashion
  • Dressing Up the Statement Sweatshirt


    I grew up in Florida, where formalwear is practically extinct. Shorts are worn year-round, and flip flops are donned in the office with impunity. But that 24/7 casual vibe is SO not me. For that reason, I’ve been wary of the sweatshirt trend — I’ve always believed that sweatshirts are for sleeping and Netflix binging — not […]

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  • The Fringe Jacket Ascends

    Suede Fringe Jacket: Lady Scully (Vintage) | Black Vest: Elizabeth & James (Consignment) | White Tee: The Row (Consignment) | Scarf: Vintage (Found in a Paris Boutique) | Pants: Madewell | WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie (Bird) | Chelsea Boots: Melograno (Secondhand)

    My mom bought this fringe jacket from an equestrian supply store in Davie, Florida in the late 1970s. In 2001, she offered the jacket to me as a gift. I took one look at the out-of-date fringe — and politely declined. Thirteen years later, fringe has orbited back into fashion’s solar system. I called my […]

  • Shopping Secrets
  • How to Identify a Classic


    Over the weekend, I flipped through a Saks Designer Lookbook that was stuffed with some of the latest trends: oversized layers, thigh-baring slits and petal skirts. The kicker? The lookbook was from 1995, and the designs were almost 20 years old. It got me thinking: What defines a classic? And more importantly, how can you pinpoint the trends with the […]