Snakeskin: The New Classic


I still remember the first leopard-printed thing I ever bought. It was 2005 and the item in question was a pair of pointed leopard-print flats from Zara. (I know this post is about snakeskin, but bear with me.)

I wore those leopard flats to DEATH. I only for rid of them earlier this year because the soles had completely disintegrated.

I don’t know who got the idea that anima print was the new neutral. But they are so right. And the new skin picking up the torch in my closet? Snakeskin. (See? I came full circle.)

Snakeskin Cardigan: Ferragamo (Consignment) | Silk Top: Equipment (The Real Real) | Black TrouserS: Tamara Mellon | Shoes: Chanel (Consignment)
Snakeskin Cardigan: Ferragamo (Consignment) | Silk Top: Equipment (The Real Real) | Black Trousers: Tamara Mellon | Shoes: Chanel (Consignment)

It’s a little too warm to wear this outfit verbatim, but it’s a preview of what I’ll be wearing this fall. The snakeskin top is a silk short-sleeved T-shirt that feels as dressy as a blouse. (This is not to be confused with the long-sleeved snake blouse from the Altuzarra x Target collection, last seen here.)


The T-shirt may look convincing, but it’s completely vegetarian. The cashmere cardigan, however, is covered in authentic snakeskin, scales and all. It’s a pretty outrageous piece — luxurious and a bit zany, like what Mr. Rogers would wear if he were a taxidermist.

I know the snakeskin-on-snakeskin may seem a little much. But print-on-print has been having a major moment these past few years — and this has the added benefit of being mixed-media. It’s a veritable trend salad.

The cons? The skin can feel a little stiff and delicate, and I worry that I’ll inadvertently ruin the pelt. The pro? If I sing it over my shoulders, it’s less stressful for the snakeskin.


Would you wear snakeskin? On top of more snakeskin?