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  • The Easy Peplum: A New Sew Solution


    Recently, my friend Rhiannon McClintock approached me with a challenge. Rhiannon, an actress with a bevy of theater credits to her name, had a treasure trove of old vintage costumes she had purchased from theaters around the city. The problem? Vintage costumes look… well, costume-y. She needed to reinvent these theatrical pieces as modern outfits for for […]

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  • The Sack Dress: A No-Sew Solution


    Nowadays, over-sized EVERYTHING is the biggest trend out there. (The obvious pun? Intended.) The options range from enormous overcoats to baggy blazers and scarves that could swaddle an elephant. This trend can be tricky. Frankly, I’m wary of the whole thing. There may be many women who are supernaturally blessed with the figures that look fantastic in enormous sacks of fabric. […]

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  • #TBT: My Homecoming Dress, Part 2


    Last week, I introduced the first of a three-part Throwback Thursday series. My goal? To reinvent the homecoming dress — the lowliest of formalwear and the outfit voted “Most Likely to Make Us Cringe” as adults. When I recently unearthed my three homecoming dresses (from 1997, 1998 and 2000), my first instinct was to Google […]

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  • Carbon-Dating Your Consignment Purchase

    Silk Dress: Sass & Bide (Consignment, Labels Lately) | Blouse Worn as Cardigan: Dolce & Gabbana (Consignment, Tokio 7) | iPad Case, Worn as Clutch: Coach | Sandals: Lanvin (Consignment, Tokio 7)

    When you shop luxury consignment, knowledge is power. Many shoppers fall victim to the assumption that if an item “designer,” it automatically is tasteful, classic and worth the splurge. This is untrue. Despite the millions of marketing dollars spent to convince us otherwise, high-end brands can churn out garbage, just like every other company on the […]

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  • A Moroccan Miracle Dress

    Dress: Moroccan Street Market Djellaba (Altered) | Belt: Miu Miu (Consignment) | Earrings: Target | Heels: Calvin Klein (Lord & Taylor)

    I don’t shop much when I’m traveling internationally. I’d rather breeze through the airport than fret over losing my luggage or draconian overweight fees. But when I honeymooned in Morocco this summer, I abandoned reason and combed the open-air souks for the perfect souvenir. (A honeymoon isn’t a normal vacation, so my usual rules don’t apply.) Like […]

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  • The Holy Grail

    Dress: Alexander Wang (Consignment) | Shoes: Jimmy Choo (Saks Fifth Avenue) | Clutch: Jess Rizzuti

    I’m sick of fall clothing already, and we haven’t even hit August. I blame this on the pre-fall shopping hysteria unfolding online. Every fashion blog has been crammed with “previews” of pre-fall sales, imploring me to scramble for limited quantities of boots, coats and sweaters. Every promotion is a thinly veiled threat: Shop NOW or […]