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  • Navy & Camel: Classics Never Die


    When it comes to fall dressing, I favor two distinct styles: Patti Smith (leather jackets, combat boots) and Jackie Kennedy (cashmere crewnecks and silk scarves). I know — you can’t get much more divergent than that. Today’s look is a preview of the Jackie version of fall. I love this type of outfit because it’s […]

  • Beauty & Skincare
  • Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Routine


    A few days ago, the New York Times published a story on how the weather impacts retail sales — specifically, how shoppers return to stores in droves as soon as spring pops. Retailers call this phenomenon “pent-up demand.” The premise is that after months of wearing the same winter-weary accoutrements (beanies, boots and coats for months on […]

  • Consignment
  • Winter-White from Head-to-Toe


    When I wear winter-white, I have two general parameters. One: Go the whole hog. Winter-white means completely monochromatic — one palette, all the way down to the shoes. Two: Don’t get within a 10-block radius of a cup of coffee. I love all-white for its complexity. White is one of the most neutral tones out there — but […]

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  • Adventures in Layering


    This season, the overarching theme is the LAYER. (Pronounce it lay-aaaah to maximum fashion-ness.) Layering is hard to pull off — it can be easy to mismatch items or go overboard and look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Today’s outfit is my ultimate layering triumph. Not only does the combination splice together eight different materials, it’s […]

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  • Rehab for the Terminally Ugly Puffer Jacket


    When temperatures drop, there’s nothing I dread more than pulling out the old goosedown parka. Ugh. Otherwise known as the Lumpy Sleeping Bag, the parka may be the most unattractive necessity of New York City living. (Along with mouse traps and those little clip-on containers of hand sanitizer.) I refused to buy a parka until […]

  • Seasonal Shifts
  • Justifying a Winter Cape


    If you’re skeptical about the recent resurgence of capes, I hear you. I also had misgivings. “Capes are for wizards and delicate women who don’t worry about the cold — their chauffeurs keep them ensconced in a Towncar bubble,” I thought. The whole look seemed too posh, too impractical. That didn’t stop me from trying […]

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  • My Winter Coat Goes for a Test Drive


    Committing to a winter coat is as weighty a decision as purchasing a car. (And with the price of coats these days, it feels as expensive, too.) Earlier this year, I wrote about some of the coats I was considering. I wound up eschewing all those options, choosing this navy Maje mohair blend, which I snagged during their […]

  • Consignment
  • My Fall Uniform: Navy & Black


    When it gets cooler, New Yorkers’ tend to keep their outfits simple: everything is all-black. Yes, it’s easy. A little TOO easy. This season, I’m challenging myself to mix more colors and textures. Part of my inspiration is Anna Wintour, who famously hates the all-black uniform. In addition, she always wears the same couple of silhouettes: an […]

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  • Pleather Pants are Waterproof…Probably


    Of all the weather conditions to which New Yorkers are subjected, nothing is as anti-fashion as a good, old fashioned downpour. This year’s autumn has been particularly soggy, with rain sprinkled across workdays and weekends alike. Under normal circumstances, I wear the unofficial NYC storm uniform: green Hunter boots and a trench coat. The combo may be […]