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  • My Sister’s Wedding: The Brunch


    This is my final installment covering my sister’s wedding, right as the couple celebrates nearly a month of matrimony. (If you want to catch up, here are Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 about the wedding — plus additional posts on wedding dress shopping and the bachelorette party.) Today we’ll be focusing on the brunch, the final wedding event. […]

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  • My Sister’s Wedding: The Little Details


    A wedding is like a Where’s Waldo book: You understand there’s an end goal (watching someone get married is akin to finding the aforementioned Waldo), but there are a whole lot of fun details and hidden “extras” along the way. Because these details can be fleeting, I wanted to salute the thoughtful touches my sister […]

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  • My Sister’s Wedding: Part 3


    Welcome back to the third installment of my sister’s wedding series. I know — I’m really milking this for all its worth. But we’re almost there, I promise! Today’s post is a peek into the actual ceremony — and a little look at the reception. (Please note that all photos with a watermark are property of […]

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  • My Sister’s Wedding: Part 1


    Since I started this blog last summer, I haven’t gone a whole week without posting — until now. Fortunately, I had a very good reason for an absence: my sister, Chelsea, got married! You’ve seen the run-up to the wedding for several months: First, the hunt for the wedding dress in March; then the New Orleans […]