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  • Vintage Fur: Fabulous or Faux Pas?


    When I first moved to New York City, I got the same few questions over and over, like: “Your apartment is seriously only 500 square feet?” and “Do you ever see celebrities?” But most frequently, I got this: “Do you worry about PETA spray painting you when you wear fur?” The last question always seems the strangest to me. […]

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  • Fashion Inspiration: Garance Doré’s Illustrations


    Wardrobe inspiration can feel hard to come by this time of year. February is always the worst month — SAD descends, zapping outfit ideas and breaking your spirit. You forget the last time you felt sun — or fun. However, Fashion Week is upon us. Soon, we’ll be inundated in street style slideshows and fashion […]

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  • Skip Pandora For These Lucky Charms


    When I wrote about the inexplicable craze for Pandora charm bracelets last week, the responses I received were as priceless as any diamond. One friend said Pandora bracelets were the “family car stickers” of the jewelry world. Another compared fans’ devotion to the misguided fanaticism Beanie Babies. And yet another suggested that Pandora include subversive charms like diet pills […]

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  • How to Wear a Transparent Margiela Sweater


    Most fashion, even from luxury brands, is built to be crowd-pleasing. Every fashion company wants to maximize sales and exposure, and blockbuster designs are non-confrontational and easy-to wear. (Example: The iconic Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress.) So it’s very inspiring when you find a designer that is more interested in clothes as a concept than as a vehicle […]