Fashion Inspiration: Garance Doré’s Illustrations


Wardrobe inspiration can feel hard to come by this time of year. February is always the worst month — SAD descends, zapping outfit ideas and breaking your spirit. You forget the last time you felt sun — or fun.

However, Fashion Week is upon us. Soon, we’ll be inundated in street style slideshows and fashion show recaps, resulting in a contradictory problem — too MANY outfit ideas, culminating in a list of seasonal “must-haves” that I really shouldn’t be buying right now. It’s a never-ending cycle between feast or famine, flush or broke.

So, let’s take a different approach to inspiration — one that doesn’t have so many downfalls.

June calendar girl
Illustration by Garance Doré

This week, I eschewed fashion blogs and Pinterest pages and drew my outfit inspiration from Garance Doré’s illustrations. The famous French style photographer and blogger got her toehold in the fashion industry thanks to her vibrant and charming sketches.

Here’s my recreation of one of her illustrations:

Snakeskin Sweater:
Snakeskin Sweater: Salvatore Ferragamo | Turtleneck: Neiman Marcus

The best thing about fashion illustrations? They boil down outfits to their primary elements, making it easy to unleash your imagination and think about outfits in terms of silhouettes and colors — instead of labels and price tags.

November calendar girl
November calendar girl

The highlight, of course, is that the illustrations reminded me that I had plenty of clothes to keep me excited during these dog days of winter — despite the Fashion Week “buy all the things” hype.

Cape: Junya Watanabe // Comme Des Garçons
Cape: Junya Watanabe // Comme Des Garçons