• Shopping Secrets
  • How to Navigate a Thrift Store


    When you shop in a curated boutique or an exquisitely merchandised department store, you’re guaranteed to find something you love. Thrifting is a different animal. Without the proper mindset, thrifting can break the spirit of the typical consumer. Amid the heaps of stained T-shirts and musty polyester scarves, the chances of finding a treasure is slim. Unearthing a diamond […]

  • Consignment
  • Outfit on Loan from the Mom Collection


    Whenever a vacation lumbers toward its conclusion, depression sets in. The real world starts nipping at your heels. Office e-mail wails its siren call. And with unwashed laundry spilling from your suitcase, it can be a Herculean task to pull together a coherent outfit — which is exactly why 75% of today’s look came from my mom’s closet. The dress is […]

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  • The Best Store in Miami: C. Madeleine’s


    Every holiday season, I head to my parents’ place in Miami. Yes, the heat and sunshine are fabulous this time of year — but my favorite part of this seaside retreat is the annual trip to C. Madeleine’s with my mom. Since childhood, my mom and I have spent countless hours trawling antique shows and […]

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  • The “You’re Outta-Time” Gift Guide


    Every year, 97% of shoppers are afflicted with the seasonal disease of Present Procrastination. Like clockwork, the symptoms appear come December: forgetfulness, denial, panic and despair. Skip the drama. Here are three different gift guides that pack a punch for the personalities in your life — and if you don’t know anyone fitting these exact descriptions, hopefully it […]

  • Consignment
  • Adventures in Layering


    This season, the overarching theme is the LAYER. (Pronounce it lay-aaaah to maximum fashion-ness.) Layering is hard to pull off — it can be easy to mismatch items or go overboard and look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Today’s outfit is my ultimate layering triumph. Not only does the combination splice together eight different materials, it’s […]

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  • Say Yes to the Dress: What I Wish I Knew

    Photo by Ricky Stern

    As I mentioned earlier this week, my episode of Say Yes to the Dress airs on TLC tonight at 9 p.m. ET. I filmed the episode more than 16 months ago, so it feels surreal to know it’s finally hitting airwaves. Now that my cable debut is nearing, I’ve been wracking my brain, trying to remember if […]

  • Party
  • That Time I Was on Say Yes to the Dress

    My mom, my sister and me at Kleinfeld last July.

    When I got engaged last year, I was most excited about buying a wedding dress. (Don’t act too surprised.) To prep for the dress search, my mom and sister insisted I start watching Say Yes to the Dress, which I had never watched in my life. The show is a parade of weeping women wearing […]

  • Shopping Secrets
  • The Truth About Online Shopping


    I don’t shop a lot online. I tend to make purchases the old fashioned way — in person, with a dressing room and instant gratification. Of course, online shopping has its perks, with convenience being king. But more often than not, I usually skip online shopping in lieu of actually trying everything on personally. Now I remember […]

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  • Clothes Swap Swag


    A few weeks ago, I discovered the best shopping experience in New York City. You can’t find it on Yelp. There is no phone number. There’s just an e-mail chain, an address and an appointed time to meet. If you compared it to the bar scene, it’d be a speakeasy. And the best part? Everything in […]

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  • What to Wear at the Dior Offices


    When you feel polished and put together, you always step up your game in the office. Meet Natalie Suarez Cahill, a woman whose sleek style speaks volumes about her professional drive. Currently a Fragrance Marketing Manager for Dior in New York City, Natalie’s resume in beauty and fashion includes many of the blue-chip heavy-hitters, from Calvin Klein to Chanel. […]