The 5 Kookiest NYC Holiday Windows


Happy Friday! Typically, Fridays typically mean another installation of Catalog Police — wherein I critique and review mail-order atrocities. But today isn’t just any Friday — it’s the Friday before VACATION. And as my special  gift, I braved the cold temperatures, mean streets and hordes of tourists to review NYC’s holiday window displays.

Here’s my list of the 5 most unintentionally hilarious window displays in Manhattan. Let me know if you agree in the comments. (Unlike the Sony hackers, I welcome dissidents.)

The Fendi Windows.
The Fendi Window

Awww. Look at the teensy-tiny coats and bags! I bet I can’t afford those either.

This terrifying robot owl is on display in the Barneys window. I’m pretty sure you could use this bird’s voice to get a reservation at the Ding Dang Dong Plaza Hotel.

The Saint Laurent window.
The joyless Saint Laurent window

Apparently, Saint Laurent is too cool for Christmas — but this sparse, sad display looks more like a Goodwill.

Bergdorfs Window
A VERY EXCITED MANNEQUIN in the Bergdorf Goodman Window

Taylor Swift, is that you?

The Saks Windows
Menswear Mannequins in the Saks Windows

Not sure why Saks decided to resurrect the FLAVOR SAVER facial hair for the holidays. Guess they did it all for the (Christmas) cookie.

Imagine THAT sliding down your chimney.

Thank you, and happy weekend!

  • Andrea Billups

    Fun stuff. Hope your vacation is swell! xo