5 Bizarre Halloween Costume Ideas from Wildfox


The moment we step foot into October, a sense of panic overcomes me. Halloween is coming, and once again, I have no Halloween costume.

Coming up with a creative costume — without buying it straight off the shelf — can be time-consuming and overwhelming. (Especially when you’re going to an NYC Halloween party — those Type A personalities don’t mess around.)

Luckily, Wildfox has released its Halloween lookbook, which is filled with deliciously bad costume ideas. Let’s take a look:


Biggest cop-out ever. The only person I’d let get away with this shirt would be my dad.


First, I just want to point out that this lookbook was actually shot in a GRAVEYARD. (Classy.) The actual clothes are a mess. Lame shirt puns and a half-baked Kurt Cobain impersonation? All of those people are rolling in their graves right now.


Note to self: T-shirts should not be your grocery list.


These are uninspired and insipid as Halloween costumes — but the Bad Witch sweatshirt would be a deliciously passive aggressive Christmas gift. (Just wait till it goes on sale.)


Two things.

  1. The shirt says: “I’m the Treat.” Which, ew, barf.
  2. Holding a candle that close to crispy, damaged hair? That’s living a little dangerously, don’t you think?


Let me guess. She’s a mouse.


Wait, she’s NOT a mouse?


What did you think of Wildfox’s Halloween ideas? And if you’ve picked your costume for this year, do share!