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    Like most New Yorkers, my husband and I feel like we never have enough space. Half of my wardrobe is vacuum-sealed under the bed. Our nightstand holds alarm clocks, phone charging docks, 7 types of foot creams and a dozen books. Our crammed coffee table doubles as nail polish and cosmetics storage. Every square inch of our […]

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  • The New Closet is Revealed


    Two weeks ago, I shared some photos of our super-crammed, over-crowded closet. The tiny alcove was so squeezed, our hangers regularly broke and our clothes seemed permanently squashed and creased. (The “before” photos are here.) The first wave of renovations are complete, and I’ve learned some important lessons along the way. Here are 5 things I wish I […]

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  • Commence the Closet Demolition


    My husband and I co-exist in a 500 square-foot apartment. This pint-sized piece of Manhattan somehow squeezes in a bathroom, sleeping alcove, kitchen, living room and two closets. Needless to say, none of these spaces are particularly roomy — I’ve been in hotel rooms with bathtubs that are bigger than our entire apartment. (Mostly in Orlando.) Renovations are desperately needed across […]