Zara’s Latest Lookbook is a 90s Bonanza


Zara has really upped its fashion game lately. (The New York Times recently mused that Zara pieces can often pass for pricier lines like Celine — aka Zeline.) The clothes are purposefully minimalist, moody and somewhat anonymous, unlike the offerings at other fast-fashion retailers.

Lately, I can’t walk in without experiencing the Target phenomenon (in which you can’t physically leave the store without spending at least $100).

But today, we’re going to talk about Zara’s latest lookbook — successes, pitfalls and lessons learned. Let’s dive in.


Sigh. I guess the Zara trend forecasters are anticipating another 6 years of winter 90s nostalgia. The mono-fabric skirt is so dreary, heavy and dated.

Side note: I had this exact skirt — from Target — in 10th grade, and I looked like a missionary.


Let’s start with the good stuff: The asymmetrical olive skirt on the right is AAHHH-mazing.

But those platform gladiator Tevas? Hot mess.

The auditorium chairs stacked in the background? Vaguely unsettling. (Are these supposed to be high school students?)

The olive sack jacket? So snooze-worthy.


Different photo, different potato sack jacket. This one has the texture and look of a shamrock-green Hefty bag. Once you add in a pillowcase maxi sack and golden sneakers, tis quickly devolves into parody territory.


I have mixed feelings about this outfit. Pro: It’s a complete rip-off of Hedi Slimane’s recent gypsy-esque collections for Saint Laurent. Con: These muddy prints are only attractive when there’s a Saint Lauren label inside. (The re-sale value really ups the cool-girl quotient.)


Lastly, we have this asparagus green leather shift. The color is dreadful — like the innards of an atomic dirty diaper. But this dress has other structural issues, including an enormous, stiff patch pocket coupled with the unsightly seam bisecting the torso.

Side note: If you want to wear leather, you’re better off with smaller, more malleable pieces — a jacket or a skirt. The material is notoriously difficult to wear across larger surface areas, like pants or sleeves. I don’t recommend it.