You Can’t Go Wrong with This Outfit

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No one can be a sartorial genius every day. (Except for Olivia Palermo. Seriously, her wardrobe is insane.)

But I think I’ve discovered the perfect clothes to wear when you don’t know what to wear.

Blouse: Tamara Mellon| Skirt: Milly x Kohl's | Heels: Orada
Blouse: Tamara Mellon| Skirt: Milly x Kohl’s | Heels: Prada

I know this isn’t necessarily the most exciting outfit, but the combination is the under-stated power suit of women everywhere. The ultimate style icon who rocked this look? Gillian Anderson in her role as a hard-hitting detective in the Netflix series The Fall. (Side note: This is one of my favorite TV shows ever. I love it nearly as much as Lost, and I’ve watched Lost in its entirety three times.)

Here is Gillian Anderson in her version of this uniform. It’s classic, powerful and repeatable. (Indeed, she wears some version of this in virtually every episode.)

My outfit inspiration: Gillian Anderson in The Fall
My outfit inspiration: Gillian Anderson in The Fall

I am not quite as elegant, thanks to the gale-force winds I experienced a few days ago:



The tie-neck blouse is one of my favorites in my collection. (I also have similar styes in blue — last seen here — and silver-gray.)

And the pencil skirt, a Kohl’s bargain, has an elastic waist. That’s not necessarily an upscale design detail, but it’s off-set by the shiny satin-esque material, which gives the skirt a more luxurious finish.



This outfit — and all its permutations — will be in heavy rotation in the coming months. What’s your office uniform?

  • Girl6 NYC

    LOVE this outfit! The shoes really make it.