Winter-White from Head-to-Toe


When I wear winter-white, I have two general parameters.

  • One: Go the whole hog. Winter-white means completely monochromatic — one palette, all the way down to the shoes.
  • Two: Don’t get within a 10-block radius of a cup of coffee.
Blazer: Bar III (Macy's) | White Button-Up: Bar III (Macy's) | Turtleneck: Wolford (Consignment) | Earrings: Christian Dior | Jeans: AG (Lord & Taylor) | Boots: Zara
Blazer: Bar III (Macy’s) | White Button-Up: Bar III (Macy’s) | Turtleneck: Wolford (Consignment) | Earrings: Christian Dior | Jeans: AG (Lord & Taylor) | Boots: Zara

I love all-white for its complexity. White is one of the most neutral tones out there — but as soon as you wear it from head it to toe, it becomes one of the most dramatic statements you can make. (It’s also a fairly apropos outfit choice, given that most of New York City is panicking over the blizzard scheduled to hit the city today.)

I knew I wanted to go for an all-over creamy look, so I initially paired this look with my cashmere coat. (Last seen here.)

Coat: Richard Chai (Consignment)
Coat: Richard Chai (Consignment)

But here’s the problem with wearing a white turtleneck with a matching overcoat: You suddenly look EXACTLY like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. (Oh the irony — wearing an outfit that references a movie primarily known for its absence of clothing.)

Not exactly my fashion role model.
Not exactly my fashion role model.

In light of this unfortunate coincidence, I tried a different outwear option. Technically speaking, this next coat — my $40 vintage mink, last seen here — is completely stomping on my first parameter of wearing winter white.

Mink: Vintage
Mink: Vintage

But the tawny tones add a rock-n-roll patina to all-white. (The pelt also kept me from looking too much like an orderly at a mental health facility.)

My inspiration for this last-minute switch? Yoko Ono, who famously wore a snowy mod skirt suit for her wedding to John Lennon. Despite her granola, free-spirited vibe, she was also quite a fur collector. (Apparently, Ono and Lennon were such huge fur fans, they bought 80 fur coats from Bergdorf Goodman on Christmas Eve in the 1970s.)

You tell me: Will you wear all-white this winter? Tell me how you’ve pulled it off!

A winter outfit inspiration.
Yoko is my winter outfit inspiration.
  • Andrea Billups

    So chic. All over. But without a car service – how do you keep the slush at bay. That would be my only concern.

    • Diana @ The Style Pragmatist

      Winter white seems to work only when you’ve got freshly fallen snow as a backdrop — or there’s no snow at all. When it’s slushy, oh hell no — all black.