Winter Beauty Secrets


Some people measure the proximity of winter by counting the number of shopping days till Christmas.

Me? I can tell the date by looking at my winter-raw cuticles. (Once my knuckles start bleeding, it’s almost New Years!)

This is the time of year when I buckle down and revamp my entire beauty routine to prevent errant cracks, dryness and all the other winter gifts bestowed on our skin and hair. The good news? All of my tips work their magic overnight.

Here are some of the things I swear by.

Air-O-Swiss Humidifier

Use a humidifier every night.

Like most New York residential buildings, our apartment’s temperature is dictated by the boiler in the basement. Every night, we sleep in a cocoon of hot, dry air rattling through rusted pipes.

For years, I’d woke up with a scratchy throat and dry skin. Then we bit the bullet and bought a humidifier — specifically, this Air-O-Swiss model. One note of caution: If you use a Kindle in bed, the device WILL go wonky with repeated exposure to the moisture. Point the stream away from your face and try not to fall asleep with your Kindle on top of your chest. (Guilty.)

Moisturizing booties and Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream

Sorry, You Need to Wear Socks to Bed

I first discovered these miracle booties last winter, and now I wear them all year round. (Posh Spice says you shouldn’t wear them around your significant other, but I ignore her advice — better to have soft feet than sorry, scaly ones.)

Right before bed, I slather on a healthy layer of Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Cream and slip on the booties. To get the best coverage, rub the lotion between your hands — which has a thicker consistency than Vaseline — until it transforms from sticky to oily.

Do this every night, and your feet will be soft and moisturized without resorting to vigorous pumicing. (You don’t want to over-pumice in winter — when you’re stuffing your feet into boots every day, you need those callouses to prevent blisters.)

From left to right: Essential Oil Mist, Anti-Aging Serum, Overnight Cream and Face Oil

Load Up on Your Potions

Lately, I’ve been following a nightly multi-product skincare routine. It includes a lot of product layering and takes a few minutes — but it zaps all your dryness away. This was inspired by skincare routines from South Korea, which includes serums, creams and mists, all layered from lightest product to thickest.

After face washing, I apply on this anti-aging serum from Caudile. Over that, I’ll glop on this overnight moisture “mask,” which I leave in the refrigerator so it tightens the skin. Last, I spray on Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir, which probably does nothing substantial — but it smells great, and there’s a zingy, tingly sensation from the rosemary essential oils.

And of extra credit: Once a week, I use this face oil. I either use it as a make-up remover and facial wash or as a moisturizer. Don’t use it too often, though — over-using oil can cause break-outs.

Do you have some winter beauty tips? Do share!