How I Wear Skirts in Winter


Ever since the trauma of the 2014 Polar Vortex, Manhattan is poised to panic at the mere hint of snow. This week’s weather predictions unleashed a level of hysteria I’ve never seen in my six years here.

Offices closed. Trains ceased service. Normally sane city dwellers to succumbed to madness, buying every beer and bread loaf in the tri-state area, hash-tagging ever social media footprint with #SNOWZILLA2015. (The collective craziness reminded me of the #EBOLA2014 meltdown.)

We expected a roar, but we got a whimper. Today’s outfit inspiration is focused on bringing us back to reality — and the fact that it’s been a pretty decent winter so far.

Sweater: Bloomingdales | Belt: Miu Miu | Skirt: Zara | Tights: Target | Shoes: Dior
Sweater: Bloomingdale’s | Belt: Miu Miu | Skirt: Zara | Tights: Target | Shoes: Dior

Whenever the thermostat creeps past 30 degrees, I rejoice because it’s SKIRT WEATHER! Lately, I’ve been favoring longer A-line skirts instead of my usual pencil silhouette.

For one, fuller skirts are less constricting when you need to layer tights and a sweater. (I know fashion editors always skip tights in colder months, but I can’t bring myself to try it.)

Added bonus? This skirt has pockets — perfect for those times you forget your gloves.

Coat: Karen Walker (Consignment)
Coat: Karen Walker (Consignment)

Because this is a new look for me, it took me a couple tries to come up with this combination.

I initially topped the skirt with this patterned Uniqlo blouse, but the pattern clashed with the stripes in the skirt. Then I tried to layer the Uniqlo blouse with a sweater, but THAT combination was much too bulky. (Rule No. 1 when wearing a full skirt? Keep your top half as sleek as possible.)

Left: Dior shoes | Right: YSL Ring (Consignment)
Left: Dior shoes | Right: YSL Ring (Consignment)

So I opted for a simpler option: a cashmere sweater worn as casually as a T-shirt. (The sweater was last seen here.) Should you try a similar pairing, please note that a belt is absolutely necessary. (I used my favorite consignment belt, last seen here.)

Without a belt, the waistline all but disappears underneath the folds of fabric. And while a more androgynous silhouette works well for sheaths, flounced skirts scream for a more pronounced femininity.

Do you wear skirts in winter? How do you keep it sleek but seasonally appropriate?