• Consignment
  • The Sweater From Outer Space


    It’s no secret that a cashmere sweater and cigarette jeans are the weekend uniform for fall. Is the combo chic? Perhaps. Easy? Definitely. Pragmatic? Of course. But it’s also… incredibly boring. Since moving to New York, I’ve accumulated more than a dozen crewneck sweaters, but I dreaded wearing them. A sweater and jeans feels like a sartorial Groundhog Day […]

  • Shopping Secrets
  • The Truth About Online Shopping


    I don’t shop a lot online. I tend to make purchases the old fashioned way — in person, with a dressing room and instant gratification. Of course, online shopping has its perks, with convenience being king. But more often than not, I usually skip online shopping in lieu of actually trying everything on personally. Now I remember […]

  • Seasonal Shifts
  • Justifying a Winter Cape


    If you’re skeptical about the recent resurgence of capes, I hear you. I also had misgivings. “Capes are for wizards and delicate women who don’t worry about the cold — their chauffeurs keep them ensconced in a Towncar bubble,” I thought. The whole look seemed too posh, too impractical. That didn’t stop me from trying […]

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  • From Morocco, with Love


    When I saw a preview of Sea NY’s spring collection on Barneys’ Instagram, I was delighted. The Sea NY tunic (left) was an exact replica of one I had purchased during my recent road trip across Morocco. That trip was aesthetically inspiring – as evidenced by my writings here and here – but the experience was also immersive. […]

  • Can I Pull This Off?
  • Can I Pull This Off? Khaki Harem Pants

    laborday2 copy

    As I’ve discussed previously, harem pants can be difficult to wear well. During a recent closet clean-out, I unearthed this khaki version and decided to debut them at the Jeff Koons Retrospective at the Whitney Museum. Trust me, no one was looking at my outfit there — they were looking at this. (Warning: that link goes […]

  • Consignment
  • My First Time: The Barneys Warehouse Sale

    Now THIS is I'm talking about.

    I’ve lived in New York for more than five years — but until this week, I never braved the crowds at the Barneys Warehouse Sale. This sale is legendary among New Yorkers; Many of my girlfriends would call in sick JUST to be the first in line. But I still was not convinced. My reasons for avoiding the […]

  • Fast Fashion
  • My Thoughts on Fast Fashion

    Blouse: Equipment (Nordstrom) | Skirt: Topshop | Necklace: Dannijo | Shoes: Chanel (Barneys) | Handbag: Stella McCartney (Saks)

    Nowadays, I don’t glut my closet with many “fast fashion” items from Zara, H&M or Topshop. I’m no fashion snob — I was JUST crowing about scoring a vest at Walmart. But I’m torn between an affection for affordable impulse purchases and a burgeoning discomfort with the cutthroat world of mass market retail. First, there are the shoddy safety practices that led to the collapse of a […]

  • Work
  • J. Crew’s Latest Collaboration is Actually Marvelous

    Blouse: Juan Carlos Obando for J. Crew | Pants: Jessica Simpson (Lord & Taylor) | Belt: BCBG (Lord & Taylor) | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik (Barneys) | Bracelets: Lulu Frost and Vintage Cuff

    I have spent plenty of time hating on J. Crew’s army of mall-shopping mutants and their ubiquitous uniform of “formal” sweats, leather baseball caps and slip-on shower shoes. But sometimes, J. Crew has gems amongst the half-tucked horrors — usually in their capsule collections with other designers. This cobalt shirt is part of a collaboration between J. Crew and Juan Carlos […]

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  • See My Vest


    Typically, I do not wear a suit to the office. Why would I? Today’s corporate culture is more creative and flexible than ever. Doesn’t a drab blazer and slacks signal a regression to the shoulder pads and gender inequality in “Working Girl?” Wouldn’t retreating to the suit be shackling oneself to an unnecessary uniform? (I’ve obviously given this a lot of […]

  • Can I Pull This Off?
  • Can I Pull This Off? The SJP Edition

    Derek Blasberg added this outfit to his Harper's Bazaar Best Dressed list in June 2012.

    When it comes to style icons, I have my share of favorites: Patsy Stone (her Chanel cardigan!), Pablo Picasso (his polo shirts!), Emma Watson (her YSL smoking suit!). But like every woman over the age of 30, I have a particularly soft spot for Sarah Jessica Parker. SJP epitomizes the style pragmatist ethos: she’s fabulous, but […]