Retail Round-Up: Fashion Week is Back


New York Fashion Week is kicking off today, with hundreds of shows, previews and parties sprinkled across the city for the next week.

As always, I’ll be bringing you zero live updates and recaps — but that doesn’t mean I won’t have plenty to talk and snark about retroactively! (Next week’s Catalog Police will be dedicated to the weirdest looks to grace the runways, and I’m sure it’ll be a doozy.)

In the meantime, here are some of the most informative and/or interesting tidbits about this year’s fashion week. If you need me, I’ll be watching Project Runway.


What is Fashion Week Anyway?

If you aren’t vaguely familiar with the vagaries of Fashion Week, I recommend glancing at this animated primer from the New York Times. (And even those who’ve been around the block can find something to chuckle about.)


What the Cut Editors Wear to Fashion Week

If someone handed me a ticket to a real-life, white-tented fashion show, I would have no idea what to wear. (Although I’m 99% sure I’d probably wear jeans.)

I really enjoyed this down-to-earth slideshow about what The Cut’s editors will be wearing to cover the shows. The looks were attainable, easy-to-copy and decidedly non-fussy. (I love it when fashion editors prove themselves to be non-scary!)

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 11.20.40 PM

Here’s Who to Follow on Instagram for New York Fashion Week

HuffPo compiled an interesting list of fashion-philes to follow on Insta over the coming weeks. My favorite of the bunch is Fern Mallis, the Big Kahuna and creator of Fashion Week. I also prefer seeing backstage action (rather than fuzzy, non-focused runway shots). So I’ll second the Bobbi Brown nomination, in the hopes of discovering some new make-up tricks.


Tumblr to Open Pop-Up Shop at New York Fashion Week

The blogging platform Tumblr is famous for transformations — most notably, it has lent its Midas touch to transform animated gifs into legitimate art and anonymous fashion-loving students into dominating industry tastemakers.

Now, the blogging tool is opening a pop-up shop at 339 W. 38th St (Friday–Sunday) to bring that online aesthetic into a brick-and-mortar environment. I’m deeply curious about the actual designs Tumblr plans on debuting — will this be a collection covered in emoticons and hashtags, a la Shop Jeen, for example? Alas, this is the only teaser I could find online. (Not my thing — but if this strikes your fancy, you can order online here.)