The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift


When it comes to gifts, I don’t like to be surprised. It may seem tacky, but whenever a holiday rolls around, I take the guesswork out of the equation and send my husband a couple potential gift ideas. He knows not to stray from the list. (PS: I always ask him for a list, too. I may like to shop, but I’m not great at doing it for other people.)

This Valentine’s Day, I requested something a little ridiculous: a statue of Diana, the goddess of the hunt. (Since she and I share a name, I figured it was fitting.) And guess what arrived early?

Artemis/Diana statue from Restoration Hardware
Artemis/Diana statue from Restoration Hardware, on sale for $79

The statue is substantially heavy and pretty big — not great if you need it to fit inside a cramped studio apartment. Since every square inch counts, I tried repurposing the statue as an accessories display.

Topped with my vintage fur hat and some pearl & gold accessories.
Topped with my vintage fur hat and some pearl & gold accessories.

This fur hat (last seen here) lends the statue an opulent look that reminds me of the Russian Revolution. The hat is normally stored in a hat box, which takes up a lot of closet space — this was definitely a more festive and efficient storage solution.

I was so delighted with my first experiment, I soon gutted my entire accessories collection to crate different looks for my plaster Barbie. (Remind you of anything?)

Next, I tried something a little simpler.

Statue with bendable ribbon scarf.
Statue with bendable ribbon scarf.

Sure, this is fun — in a French minimalist way — but it’s not enough.

With a Brandy Melville beanie and Anthropologie headband.
With a Brandy Melville beanie and Anthropologie headband.

THIS IS MORE LIKE IT! This beanie gives a hipster vibe to Diana’s stoic demeanor. (Couldn’t she be the star of a rom-com opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt?) I paired the insouciant hat with a fussy, floral headband, which I wrapped around the base of the statue like a choker. Headbands are a huge pain to store — especially big, fascinator-types like this — so this may be my storage winner.

As a final parting note, I just want to give my husband some props. He DID stray off my official list this year, surprising me with this book after I mentioned it in an e-mail. My overly caffeinated heart is very full with appreciation this year.

Do you have anything offbeat on your Valentine’s Day wish list? I’d love to hear about it!