My Sister’s Wedding: Part 3


Welcome back to the third installment of my sister’s wedding series. I know — I’m really milking this for all its worth. But we’re almost there, I promise!

Today’s post is a peek into the actual ceremony — and a little look at the reception.

(Please note that all photos with a watermark are property of the photographers at Picture This! Photography. All others are mine!)

No french fry was spared.
No french fry was spared.

After Chelsea was finished getting her hair and make-up done, she headed back to the hotel to fuel up before the evening ceremony. On the menu? French fries, naturally. (Because these were Four Seasons french fries, I am assuming they were $16.)

My mother-in-law lent me this sari for my sister's wedding.
My mother-in-law lent me this sari for my sister’s wedding. Shoes (not seen) are by Jimmy Choo from Saks Off Fifth.

As I mentioned previously, my sister let every bridesmaid pick her own outfit, as long as she wore a navy dress and gold heels. I had been looking for MONTHS, and nothing seemed right. Then I started thinking about my mother-in-law’s vast sari collection — and sure enough, she had a navy and gold sari.

My husband and me.
My husband and me.

In fact, one of my friends had actually worn this dress to MY Indian wedding, making it all the more sentimental.

Most brides would have said no to a sari, but Chelsea was all for it. (Coolest. Bride. EVER!)

The moms.
The moms.

Both mothers looked fantastic in their outfits. Once again, there were no draconian rules, so everyone’s personality shone through. (Check out those cute pink nosegays!)

My sister's glitter pumps were by Jessica Simpson.
My sister’s glitter pumps were by Jessica Simpson.

Most brides won’t wear their bridal shoes until the wedding day. Chelsea bucked that unofficial rule, wearing her glitter Jessica Simpson pumps the night before. This is such a good reminder that you don’t need to assign sentimentality to inanimate objects — clothes are meant to be worn, and as utilitarian objects, they can not be imbued with good or bad luck. If you want to wear the shoes the night before — wear ’em!

My sister's bridal bouquet.
My sister’s bridal bouquet.

The flowers were by Petal and Fold, a local duo my sister met in her neighborhood. The look was a unique combination of refined roses, Southern magnolias and wildflowers. Part poise, part untamed — all attitude. If Steel Magnolias were a bouquet, this would be it.

Okay, I’ve dragged this out long enough. Here’s the big reveal:

There she is!
There she is!

My sister’s dress is classic yet unexpected. While most brides opt for a strapless or mermaid gown, Chelsea opted for something that wouldn’t be out-of-place on Jackie Kennedy — which feels positively iconoclastic when brides are scrambling for the sexiest look they can find. The cathedral-length veil adds a completely new dimension of drama. (I didn’t use a veil, so this was a big treat for me to see up close.)


I absolutely love the crisp freshness of this look, and if I ever have a vow renewal, I’m totally begging to borrow the dress. (Side note: When I was carrying that train, I felt just like Pippa Middleton, which is pretty much my dream come true.)

The happy couple.
The happy couple.

In our next installment, we’ll finish up with a closer look at some of those little details at the reception. For now, here’s your moment of zen:

If my husband tried to do this to me, I think we'd both fall over.
If my husband tried to do this to me, I think we’d both fall over.
  • Andrea Billups

    This was such a personal and beautifully curated wedding. Everything was stunning. Relaxed and perfect. Loved your sari – you and Arun looked amazing. Great posts!

    • Diana @ The Style Pragmatist

      Thanks Andrea! It was a great weekend, and my sister worked really hard on the little touches1 Thanks again for the kind words.