My Preferred Shoes for the NYC Commute


I recently moved to a new job in the Financial District, which has completely changed my commute. For the last three years, I’ve been walking to and from an office a whopping 10 minutes away.

Now, I’m trekking across town with thousands of other commuters — and yikes, subway riders can be SCARY, especially before they’ve had their coffee.

White BlazeR: Bar III (Macy's) | Floral Top: Milly for Kohl's | Skirt: Rag & Bone (Consignment) | Shoes: Prada (DSW, circa 2005)
White Blazer: Bar III (Macy’s) | Floral Top: Milly for Kohl’s | Skirt: Rag & Bone (Consignment) | Shoes: Prada (DSW, circa 2005)

Competing with the masses for a square centimeter on the train platform can be a little stressful. So I like to skip the afternoon trip home and walk home instead. The walk is roughly 4 miles (8,000 steps), so choosing the right shoes are critical. Not only must the commuting shoes be comfortable, the style can’t be anything I’d be embarrassed to be wearing if I ran into a client or colleague on the street.

Above, you’ll see what I wore in the office, including these Prada orange heels, last seen here. (Most of this outfit has been seen elsewhere on the blog, including the skirt here and the blazer here.)

Shoes: c/o Puma
Shoes: c/o Puma

For yesterday’s commute, I wore these white sneakers, which Puma generously gifted to me. (You can buy them for $65 here.)

PSA Alert: White sneakers are bed-trendy right now, but they can be hard to pull off. When I first wore these with jeans and a sweater a few weeks ago, I felt like a dweeby tourist. (It didn’t help that I was traipsing around the High Line, which compounded the fish-out-of-water effect.)

But when paired with this super feminine, floaty skirt, the shoes morphed into something much more chic. My advice? Keep these shoes far away from trousers and shorts, and you’ll be fine.

What’s your verdict on white sneakers? And do you plan your commuting shoes as meticulously as I do?

Shoes: Puma
Shoes: c/o Puma


  • a mitchell

    Ever notice Jax Turner, Sons of Anarchy always wore white court shoes?