Harem Pants Obsession: The Sequel


At this point, I think it’s fair to say I have a healthy obsession with harem pants. This is despite the fact that I constantly complain that the style has an uncanny ability to distort your lower body into a pool of flapping fabric.

But those reservations never seem to stop me from wearing my harem pants to death (csee here and here) — and even procuring a new pair. Now that I have three pairs, I think this moves past “trend” and into “personal style signature” territory.

Harem Pants: AYR | Vest: Wal-Mart | White Tee: The Row (Consignment) |Black Tank: Target | Loafers: Isabel Marant (Barneys)
Harem Pants: AYR | Vest: Wal-Mart | White Tee: The Row (Consignment) |Black Tank: Target | Loafers: Isabel Marant (Barneys)

The latest addition to my collection is this pair of inky, silky AYR pants. I have been on the hunt for the perfect black harem pant — most notably in December, when I ordered a wool version by Alexander McQueen — but none ever fit correctly. (There may be no pant that can as efficiently render a woman’s thigh into a mutton chop without proper proportioning.) Somehow, this version hung perfectly.

Side note: AYR is the sister company to Bonobos, which surprised my inner-snob — I’d turned my nose up to my husband’s Bonobos obsession while unwittingly admiring AYR clothes. Lesson learned.


I wanted to keep the harem pants looking professional–but amplify their balloon-like comfort. I went for an Annie Hall look with my favorite Wal-Mart vest (last seen here) and an obscenely luxurious T-shirt (last seen here). I was delighted to discover that the patent leather loafers didn’t monkey too much with the pants’ proportions — but I rain into problems elsewhere.

Specifically, the waistline of the vest overlaps the pants’ waistband a few inches too many, so I couldn’t button the vest the whole way. As much as I enjoyed this outfit, I am not sure it was entirely successful.

Trench: Burberry

Would you wear the harem pants trend — and am I the only one still obsessed with this shape?