Five Outfits to Ruin the Holidays


The holidays are always a contentious time of year. Pressure to buy useless items reaches a boiling point. Airfare is astronomically high. Morale, bank balances and tolerance for red Starbucks cups are at an all-time low. (No seriously, I have no clue what that Starbucks thing is even about.)

Let’s lighten the mood. I took a spin through Wildfox’s most recent holiday lookbook… and it was a winter wonderland of terror tacky slogans. Here are 5 outfits guaranteed to make the holidays a little bit worse.

Ho ho ho, indeed! (PS: Pretty sure I used that joke last year.)



Quick survey: What’s worse? A sweatshirt that perpetuates the myth that women are nothing but diamond-grubbing floozies hunting for someone dumb enough to marry them? Or the fact that there is an actual market for this?

(I am not even gonna TOUCH that transparent tutu.)


What a convincing Santa costume. She’s one beard away from scaring little kids at the mall.


This teddy bear is wanted in 34 states.


It’s a little late to pretend to be a feminist, dontchathink. (Ugh, I need to lie down.)


Oh, honey. You dream big.