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  • Retail Round-Up: Fashion Week is Back


    New York Fashion Week is kicking off today, with hundreds of shows, previews and parties sprinkled across the city for the next week. As always, I’ll be bringing you zero live updates and recaps — but that doesn’t mean I won’t have plenty to talk and snark about retroactively! (Next week’s Catalog Police will be dedicated to […]

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  • Retail Round-Up: Sweaters, Burning Man & Susan Sarandon


    Welcome back to Retail Round-Up, my collection of the week’s most interesting retail and hoping news. This week, we’re taking a look at a big career move in e-commerce, the Burning Man fashion scene and the best sweaters on offer this fall. The Best Fall Sweaters It’s that time of year again — when we […]

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  • Retail Round-Up: Belk’s Sale & Polo Shirt Heroes


    Welcome back to the Retail Round-Up, my weekly take on the best retail and fashion news. This week, we’re exploring the impact of a department store acquisition on its small-town customers, evolving design school curriculums and the three most most famous pairs of khakis in the world. Fashion Students Say They Need More Business Training: The Business […]

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  • Retail Round-Up


    This week’s best fashion stories and links are a random bunch.  There’s a wedding. And a lawsuit! But most importantly, there’s a new podcast from all of us at Follow The Thread. Pick your poison! The Ultimate Fashion Podcast Dissects Travel Style In the latest episode of the Follow The Thread podcast, I discuss the intersection of […]

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  • Retail Round-Up: Links of the Week


    Welcome back to Retail Round-Up, where I share the top stories impacting fashion and retail. Here are my favorite style stories of the week. (I know a ton of them are from the New York Times — forgive me just this once.) The Jane Birkin-Hermès Fuss Needs to Be Put in Perspective: It’s been a strange […]

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  • Retail Round-Up: Fashion News of the Week

    Welcome to my new series, Retail Round-Up, where I’m sharing my favorite fashion/retail-focused news, products and interviews of the week. Here’s what I’m loving this week: 1. Goop’s Global Domination: I unabashedly love all things Gwyneth Paltrow (or GP, as she is affectionately known to her minions like me). This Racked article is a rare look at the business […]

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  • Retail Round-Up, Vol. 1


    Today, I’m debuting a new series called the Retail Round-Up, wherein I’ll be sharing my favorite fashion/retail-focused news, products and interviews of the week. 1. Follow The Thread: Last week, I debuted the first three episodes of Follow The Thread, a podcast I co-host with my fashion-fluent friends Rachel D. and Amanda. Our latest episode is […]