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  • The Art Deco Dream Manicure

    Base color: Orly (Glowstick) | Accent Colors: Revlon (Posh #571 and Radiant #441) and Color Club (Blue Print #707)

    Before this week’s nail tutorial, I want to address the recent debut of Christian Louboutin’s nail polishes lacquers — specifically, the outrageous $50 price tag.  Nail polish costs mere PENNIES to produce, which means consumers are paying a premium for  luxe packaging, expensive marketing and inflated brand perception. Stop the madness. I’ve done my nails +150 times in the last 3 years — […]

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  • The Faberge Egg Manicure

    You can use any colors you wish with the swipe and plop and technique.

    This week’s manicure is a bridge between the seasons — bubbles of summery color anchored by autumnal shades of plum and gold. The crazed color palette somehow works, and it’s guaranteed to match most outfits. The manicure may look complicated, but the technique couldn’t be easier: It’s just a series of stripes and dots. (I call it the “swipe […]

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  • The Black and Tan Manicure

    It's easy, I promise.

    This latest manicure was a bit of an accident. I had planned a tribal design, but my favorite nail art pens were dry as a bone. I improvised and came up with this design. It reminds me of a Cub Scout uniform, which I suppose is summer appropriate? With the camping and the outdoors? (Okay, that’s a stretch.) […]

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  • The Yellow Submarine Manicure

    My nail design inspiration.

    When I was growing up, nail polish was a privilege, not a right. Manicures were only allowed if I took out the trash and walked the dogs. (Needless to say, my nails were bare until I hit high school.) While my folks were rather draconian in the nail department, they had zero problem with me watching The Yellow Submarine every single […]

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  • Nail Art for Busy People

    Pink Base: Ink-Ling of You (OPI) | Turquoise Tip: Mint Sprint (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri) | Accent Polka Dots: Posh (Revlon)

    I believe in fiscal responsibility, and my attitude boils down to this: The less you spend on manicures, the more you can spend on clothes. I’ve been doing my own nails for three years, and my self-penned designs and cray color combinations have become my signature. The first thing onlookers often ask? “God, how long did THAT take you?” Not only […]