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  • These Leggings are Ohm-azing


    If you were to peer into my closet, it would look fairly monochromatic. Navy. Black. White. Gray.  Maybe some oxblood. You know the drill — it’s the usual color palette for a New Yorker. But every once in a while, it’s refreshing to throw neutrals to the wind and wear an outfit that’s a little […]

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  • Fitness Shopping in Manhattan: Weird & Wonderful


    Manhattanites have a tendency to over-luxuriate and obsessively index everything. For example, the way we freak out about exotic food. If you need cheese for a dinner party, you’ll have 250+ varieties to choose from. If you want a particular wine, you can select your sauce down to the grape, the year and the type of fertilizer used […]

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  • Hot, Hot, Cold: Fall Workout Gear


    As the days have sunk into a mellowed chill, the gyms have gotten more jam-packed. In my previous life as a non-fitness person, I would have thought the opposite: that swimsuit season would compel a greater percentage of my fellow New Yorkers to brave the burpees for a chiseled physique. Alas, as soon as fall begins, […]

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  • The Difference Between Sweats and Leggings


    It’s not secret that I’m not a big fan of the athleisure wear trend. There’s something disconcerting about women consecrating sweat pants as the new “pants pants.” (Remember, there’s a reason that Juicy Couture has slid into the mass market.) But now that I’m bouncing in and out of more than 15 gym classes per […]