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  • My Outfit Inspiration: Paris Fashion Week


    Every year, there seems to be dozens of “Fashion Weeks.” So many, I stop paying attention after a while. But I always tune in when Chanel sends a collection down the catwalk — and the Fall 2015 RTW collection was the inspiration for today’s post. Unlike my last post, nothing in this outfit is actually […]

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  • Spring Fashion Can’t Get Here Fast Enough


    Today’s post marks a momentous occasion. It’s the first outfit post this year that was shot at 6:30 p.m. Daylight Savings is both exhausting and brightening, which may make it the most bittersweet day of the year — second only to the day after Christmas. Of course, even though it was technically bright, it was hardly sunny. […]

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  • A Sample of the LA Consignment Scene


    No surprise here — I enjoy shopping whenever I travel. However, I always steer clear of the mall and the luxury mega-brands. (You can find all that stuff online or in NYC anyway.) Instead, I seek out the area’s consignment and vintage stores — the perfect way to discover the nuances of a city’s fashion culture. For […]

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  • Let Your Scarf Do The Talking


    Whenever you can’t figure out what to wear, here’s my tip: just wear a scarf. I’m not talking about those sad little limp version heaped up near the cash registers at H&M. The ideal scarf has a bit of heft and meat on its bones. The bigger, the badder, the bolder = the better. The simple […]

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  • My Kitty Sweater is Checking You Out


    Fine, winter. I get your point. You started off as just a wardrobe conundrum, but now you’ve morphed into a veritable closet wasteland. When temperatures dip below 0, there is some hardcore truth to the phrase, “I have nothing to wear.” So be it. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to have fun. Today’s outfit inspiration (which I wore last […]

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  • Stripes in the Snow


    This past weekend, Fashion Week was in full swing. It’s a tough occasion to dress for — but in all honesty, dressing for snow is always more difficult. This outfit is a prime example of the necessary evil that is layering. My top half is shielded by a turtleneck underneath a Moroccan blouse. (The striped blouse was last […]

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  • How I Wear Skirts in Winter


    Ever since the trauma of the 2014 Polar Vortex, Manhattan is poised to panic at the mere hint of snow. This week’s weather predictions unleashed a level of hysteria I’ve never seen in my six years here. Offices closed. Trains ceased service. Normally sane city dwellers to succumbed to madness, buying every beer and bread loaf in the tri-state area, hash-tagging ever […]

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  • Winter-White from Head-to-Toe


    When I wear winter-white, I have two general parameters. One: Go the whole hog. Winter-white means completely monochromatic — one palette, all the way down to the shoes. Two: Don’t get within a 10-block radius of a cup of coffee. I love all-white for its complexity. White is one of the most neutral tones out there — but […]

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  • Fashion in the Tundra


    Last weekend, I went upstate, which may as well be Antartica to my wimpy, Miami-born blood. In Millbrook, when snow falls, it seemingly doesn’t melt until April — so you can forget those cute little leather boots. Let’s face it — sometimes, it’s just too cold for fashion. Here’s how I coped. Luckily, my hosts’ house came […]