• Can I Pull This Off?
  • My Version of the Shalwar Kameez


    When it comes to fashion, I can be stubborn. If a trend doesn’t work for me the first time, I’ll keep tweaking relentlessly until I discover a version that works. Let’s take today’s look for example — the dress-over-pants, or a modified version of the shalwar kameez. I’ve tried this look with mixed results here […]

  • Can I Pull This Off?
  • Can I Pull This Off? Children’s Clothes


    In the summer of 1994, I received my first issue of my W subscription. After an initial perusal, I went to my mother and told her very matter-of-factly that I only wanted to wear Moschino from then on. My mom clucked at me and said, “You better get a good job.” Fast-forward 20 years, and my […]

  • Can I Pull This Off?
  • Can I Pull This Off? Clashing Patterns


    There are very few sartorial geniuses out there, and I won’t ever claim to be in that echelon. (That revered space belongs to the Karls and Annas of the world.) But I have a good way to fake it till I make it: Scouring for inspiration outside a Pinterest board and trying EVERYTHING, especially the strange and […]

  • Can I Pull This Off?
  • Can I Pull This Off? Socks with Heels


    I am highly suspicious any trend that oscillates quickly between “do” and “don’t.” The more divisive the trend, the more likely it will look dated by the time you get your clothes back from the cleaners. That kind of instability spooks my inner-pragmatist — I don’t want to look like a fashion victim 5 years from now just […]

  • Can I Pull This Off?
  • Can I Pull This Off? A Shirtdress Over Pants


    Today’s outfit is one of those “keep scrolling down” looks. It starts off normal… and then POW. See what I mean? This is my attempt to nail the LAYER EVERYTHING YOU OWN trend. For this iteration, I wore my Derek Lam shirtdress (last seen here) over wide-legged pants, with an extra swaddling of cashmere for good measure. This […]

  • Can I Pull This Off?
  • Can I Pull This Off? The Tutu Edition


    When I was a girl, I was not immune to the charms of a tutu. Mine was pink (obviously), and it came with an attached bodysuit. But as soon as I physically outgrew the tutu, I moved onto the next trend — bike shorts — and never looked back. Nowadays, the tutu has two connotations: childhood costumes and Carrie […]

  • Can I Pull This Off?
  • Can I Pull This Off? The “Statement” T-Shirt

    Shirt: Happiness (House of Field) | Jeans: Madewell | Canvas Tote: WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie (Bird) | Flats: Jenni Kayne (Consignment) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Clubmasters

    Plain white T-shirts are a celebrated facet of American style. Marlon Brando and James Dean made them iconic in the 1950s. Alexander Wang built an empire on them. Hell, a pop band even borrowed the moniker. No outfit could be besmirched by a white T-Shirt. But then there are graphic-printed tees, and their kissing cousins — the dreaded STATEMENT TEE. Oooh boy. Those […]

  • Can I Pull This Off?
  • Can I Pull This Off? Khaki Harem Pants

    laborday2 copy

    As I’ve discussed previously, harem pants can be difficult to wear well. During a recent closet clean-out, I unearthed this khaki version and decided to debut them at the Jeff Koons Retrospective at the Whitney Museum. Trust me, no one was looking at my outfit there — they were looking at this. (Warning: that link goes […]

  • Can I Pull This Off?
  • Can I Pull This Off? The SJP Edition

    Derek Blasberg added this outfit to his Harper's Bazaar Best Dressed list in June 2012.

    When it comes to style icons, I have my share of favorites: Patsy Stone (her Chanel cardigan!), Pablo Picasso (his polo shirts!), Emma Watson (her YSL smoking suit!). But like every woman over the age of 30, I have a particularly soft spot for Sarah Jessica Parker. SJP epitomizes the style pragmatist ethos: she’s fabulous, but […]

  • Can I Pull This Off?
  • Can I Pull This Off? Wearing a Crop Top to Work


    Trends come and go… but designers run out of ideas. This is what I assume when a magazine proclaims a trend revival is afoot. The latest example: The crop top. Remember the last time crop tops were in style? It was 1996, The Macarena was topping the charts, and crop tops were called BABY TEES. […]