The 5 Weirdest Things You Can Get at Harrods


When I last visited Harrods in London, my husband and I spotted a ludicrous gold-plated serving tray in the shape of a sheep. It didn’t have a price tag, so we started playing a version of The Price is Right, trying to guess how much the tray cost.

By the time I wagered $10,000, a sales associate interrupted to ask if we actually wanted to buy it. (We slunk away in embarrassment.)

Recently, I tried to find the tray online — I never DID find out how much it cost — and had no luck. But during my adventure, I unearthed a slew of new ridiculous items fit for the heiress deep inside all of us. Without further adieu: Here are the 5 craziest things money can possibly buy.

This is a coffee cup -- in case you couldn't tell.
This is a coffee cup — in case you couldn’t tell.

If you’re going to drink that K-Cup battery acid, at least make sure you’re sipping from this $751 coffee cup. (Spoon IS included, whew!)

This bracelet costs $18,982
It’s like a tiara for your hand.

What do you call a bracelet that’s too small for your wrist? An $18,982 “palm cuff.” It’s a luxurious alternative to brass knuckles — but fair warning, it’ll snag your cashmere mittens.

Thise booze is $15,178
Get crunked like a high-roller.

Get ready for the biggest bar tab of your life — this Macallan set costs more than $15,000. (Don’t bother asking what year it is — they don’t tell you.)

Burberry Alligator Travel Bag
Is this alligator organic?

The good news? This alligator bag is on sale! The bad news? It’s still $31,890. (Hey, it was originally $42,520.)

This perfume costs $5,695.
This perfume costs $5,695.

Please note that the TSA won’t care if you paid $5,695 for your stink juice — if it’s over 3.4 ounces, it’s going in the trash.