• Catalog Police
  • Free People’s Latest Catalog is Cray


    I love Free People so much. Their wackadoodle lookbooks are gifts that keep on giving. In this installment of Catalog Police, I’ll be critiquing some of the crazier items they’re peddling. Oh, Free People. Never change! First things first: It’s almost 90 degrees outside. Maybe take a layer off for the AUGUST catalog? Second, this is a […]

  • Retail Round-Up
  • Retail Round-Up


    This week’s best fashion stories and links are a random bunch.  There’s a wedding. And a lawsuit! But most importantly, there’s a new podcast from all of us at Follow The Thread. Pick your poison! The Ultimate Fashion Podcast Dissects Travel Style In the latest episode of the Follow The Thread podcast, I discuss the intersection of […]

  • Trends
  • The Verdict on White Shoes


    White shoes have always been difficult to pull off. For one, they get filthy, fast. Secondly, white shoes have the unfortunate tendency to look a teensy bit trashy. I don’t know why, but wearing white shoes, particularly pumps, is the equivalent of serving deviled eggs at a black-tie wedding. Then again, I’ve never been one […]

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  • The Pragmatist Recommends: New Orleans


    It’s hard to believe I got back from my sister’s bachelorette in New Orleans a week ago. (It’s been a crazy-busy summer — since touching down in NYC, I’ve been to the top of the new One World Observatory, attended a birthday party in Cape Cod, MA and booked a trip to Chicago.) This was my […]

  • Catalog Police
  • Review: Anthro’s August Catalog

    tshirt dress

    Welcome back to Catalog Police, my almost-weekly critique of mail-order catalogs and the horrors they contain. This week, we’ll be looking at Anthropologie’s latest catalog, which is awash in a frothy sea of unflattering dresses and wacky outerwear. Let’s take a look. Anthro runs into trouble whenever it tried to reinterpret the classics. An anorak is […]

  • Retail Round-Up
  • Retail Round-Up: Links of the Week


    Welcome back to Retail Round-Up, where I share the top stories impacting fashion and retail. Here are my favorite style stories of the week. (I know a ton of them are from the New York Times — forgive me just this once.) The Jane Birkin-Hermès Fuss Needs to Be Put in Perspective: It’s been a strange […]

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  • Recap: New Orleans Bachelorette


    I’m fresh off a trip to New Orleans for my sister’s bachelorette party, so it’s been a whirlwind of hastily thrown together outfits and late nights. I never did the bachelorette thing myself — my sister and I had a low-key weekend in Palm Springs — so this was my way to live vicariously. (PS: Here’s a […]