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  • Borrowing My Mother’s Dress


    My mom loves clothes almost as much as I do. But to my chagrin, she hasn’t kept most of the clothes she bought in the 60s, 70s and 80s. However, the vintage collection that’s survived her cross-country moves is extremely well-curated. (I’ve already discussed one such item, her fringe vintage suede jacket, here.)  On my last visit, […]

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  • Do I Look Different? (New Haircut Alert)


    Ever since my first dye job in high school, I’ve had nearly ever color imaginable. Zebra-stripe highlights in 1999, purple-black in 2005, fire-engine red in 2008. But for the past few years, I’ve had some variation of “brunette-with-highlights.” But lately, I’ve been wanting to go shorter and blonder. The ultimate dream is to one day […]

  • Catalog Police
  • 5 Weird Things in Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale


    The middle of summer tends to be a slow season for retailers. (Everyone is more busy tanning and vacationing instead of shopping.) This explains why every retailer, from Maje to J. Crew, is currently on a discount bonanza. But no mid-summer sale is as hyped as Nordstrom’s annual “Anniversary” sale, in which fall merchandise goes on sale. […]

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  • Finally: A Fashion Podcast


    Ever since Serial burst onto the podcast scene, I’ve been hooked on the medium. I start every morning with a more serious dose of news (On Point with Tom Ashbrook) and my podcast nightcap is something a little more upbeat (like KCRW’s The Treatment or How Did This Get Made?). While there seem to be a […]

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  • Would You Grill in a Dress?


    Whenever I visit my parents, I find myself “parenting” my parents a lot. Mostly, I critique their dietary choices — particularly my mother’s disdain for lettuce and my father’s fondness for mid-morning brownies. So when I visited over July 4th, I made it my mission to cook a somewhat balanced BBQ dinner. (No frozen e-coli patties allowed.) […]

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  • Flying Coach: Couch-Potato in the Sky


    A few weeks ago, I read an edition of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop newsletter. The subject of said newsletter was the art of “flying well” — i.e., how to enhance the drudgery of air travel. The tips were RIDICULOUS. (I absolutely love Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop, so I do not say this lightly.)  One of the tips […]

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  • Review: & Other Stories


    When the European chain of stories called & Other Stories opened a U.S. location, it immediately developed a fervent buzz as a cheap-chic destination. You guys know I am always skeptical of any over-hyped store, so I visited the Soho location this week to form my own opinion. & Other Stories is owned by H&M, but […]